Students of Trio World Academy portraying the element earth through their performance (1)

Bengaluru, 27th January, 2016: The annual day celebration at Trio World Academy was a scene of true celestial beauty. Drawing inspiration from the cosmos, the event was themed ‘Shrishti-The Beginning of the Universe’.  The chief guest for the day was renowned journalist and author (Disappearing Daughters: The Tragedy of Female Infanticide) Gita Aravamudan. The evening began with a speech by the Guest of honor – Mrs. Gayathri Ananth, founder of the Vigilant Society.  The students of class 1 to 5 from ICSE wing depicted the eternal evolution of the universe through unique musical and dance performances.

Students present the fiery of the element fire (1)

In the wake of the environmental crisis such as climate change, the students of Trio portrayed the relevance of Panchamahabhootas – earth, water, air, space, fire. The opening show was literally a big bang performance, a dance routine showcasing the formation of the universe. This was followed by another mesmerizing performance where the students staged a performance based on creation of the nine planets.  The subsequent performance appreciated the relevance of five core elements in the universe. The students also performed a beautiful rendition of Michael Jackson’s popular Earth song. The spellbinding grand finale performance was a mélange of universe, solar system and the panchamahabhutas. The students highlighted the significance of all these elements and highlighted the adverse affect on the environment caused by the ignorance of these elements. Through the programme, students left audience with the message to nurture and respect the five main elements of nature.

Displaying the beauty of the element water through their performance (1)

Since this was the first annual day of the ICSE wing at TRIO World Academy, the staff and students felt that Shristi would be a fitting theme for the event. “As our ICSE wing has just begun and is evolving we thought of drawing parallels and hence took this theme to compare how everything keeps evolving. Through this programme we are narrating the story of how we came into existence and we also wanted to celebrate how each and everything including us are made up of the five main elements earth, water, air, space, fire” , said Mr. Naveen K.M Director Trio World Academy. “In the midst of modernization we tend to ignore the importance of the basic elements in our life. Through this programme we wanted to encourage people to take efforts to cherish these precious elements” he added.