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Bengaluru, Jan 21, 2016 : Create, Educate, empower, and celebrate the spirit of Republic Day, and see literally how Incredible India is, in your own hands, with your own eyes, through a thousand dreams, in a mélange of colors. Welcome to Greenwood High Colorothon, a free-for-all art-house flagship event conceived, created, designed and developed by Breathe Entertainment which will virtually breathe refreshing colors known, little known and unknown, from several thousand aspiring artists – plus a few big names.

Does this sound familiar? It does. Because Colorothon is returning to Bengaluru, after making a terrific debut in Bengaluru and also because it saw record participation in other major cities, viz. Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai & 3 seasons in Bengaluru.

Colorothon was Co-Founder by Kishore Joseph & Ahmed Shariff. Explaining the reason for its repeated success across different geographies, Kishore Joseph, the brain behind Colorothon and the director of Breathe Entertainment and a national award winner for his says, “We have blown the myth that art is avant-garde, and that it is the province of the elite. Creativity flows from imagination and both flow from the power of your mind, your thinking, and not the power of your purse, your bottom line, your lineage, caste, religion or whatever. This is what we aim to stress and propagate through Colorothon.”

Greenwood High Colorothon will literally be a free-for-all art-house. Anyone, of any age, group, gender, community, religion, etc is welcome to draw his or her imagination or dream on a canvas – and the icing on the cake is – paintings judged by eminent artists will be donated to our Charity Partner OMASHRAM Trust Old Age Care for a social cause. So yoget the pleasure of knowing that someone dispossessed somewhere is sporting a smile because of you…

Greenwood High Colorothon 2016 will also play host to a slew of cultural shows like art bazaars, drum circles, stand-up comedy, magic show, etc.

According to Ahmed Shariff, co-founder of Colorothon, the event is likely to break all records up to now because Bengalureans are known to be more free-spirited and welcoming than others.

Incidentally, the organizers plan to apply for an entry into the Limca Book of Records and the Guinness Book of World Records for the largest ever public painting extravaganza in the world – more than once.

Originally inspired by Aamir Khan’s award winning Taare Zameen Par, Colorothon has grown to become the “art-house of, by and for the aam aadmi”. “Our vision is to see Indians from all over the country of all ages and all groups take to painting on a day which will be celebrated as Colorothon Day,” says Kishore Joseph. “We will be approaching the Tourism and Culture department seeking their support and funding for this social cause and take this event to all major cities in India.”

“As our motto implies a school with a difference, we hope that this event will give people of all generations a forum to express their ideas through Colorothon”. Says Mr. Aloysius D’Mello  , Principal Greenwood High.

3 artists from the event will Invited  to Greenwood High to have an interaction with their kids who wants to pursue art as their Career. The idea of this is to promote the budding artists and give them a platform to take their talent to next level.