Bangalore, Karnataka (20 January, Wednesday) – After months of careful planning andrenovation, Bangalore’s 30 year old vegetarian restaurant, Hotel Chandrika has reopened its doors to the public.


The inauguration of the modernized Hotel Chandrika took place on January 20, 2016 andwas packed with loyal customers and guests from the very start. The audience was addressed by Chief Guest T N Seetharam, a well known Kannada film

Director/ Actor as well as Dileep Kumar and Sudheer Y of Daasta, its new managing group. A conglomerate of food, education, realty and medicine, Daasta is the group that will now be managing the restaurant. Although the members of the group all hail from different occupational backgrounds, their love for food is what drove them to take over this particular restaurant from previous owner, Mr Harishchandra Shetty.

Known for its old school charm and delicious, South Indian, vegetarian food, Daasta has managed to remodel Hotel Chandrika to reflect a fine dining ambience, with quirky posters around the place. All this while remaining true to its core values, those of excellent service quality, affordable pricing and healthy, delicious, vegetarian, food!

Hotel Chandrika is now open for business. For further details and queries, contact: 080 4121 3522