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What does the World Number One Tennis Player do on a first date? Today Jacob’s Creek and Novak Djokovic are giving us a glimpse of the man behind the racquet with the release of the second series of the ‘Made By’ film series.

The new set of films in the ‘Made Byfilm series, ‘Made By Momentsreveals memorable meal moments that have real meaning in Novak’s life. The series features two films and a new star alongside Novak, his wife Jelena Djokovic. Shot on location in Monte Carlo, the films delve deeper into a Novak not often seen, telling stories that have never been told.

The personal and reflective films are the second installment of the successful ‘Made By’ films series, which has had over 6 million views since being released earlier this year. The films provide an insight into the people, places and passions that Novak is ‘Made By’.

First Date – A laugh that’s lasted a lifetime

The first film, ‘First Date’ is filmed from both Novak and Jelena’s perspectives, highlighting the difference in opinion between a husband and wife of a memory from ten years ago. Funny and heart-warming, ‘First Date’ describes their first and most memorable dinner date in Monte Carlo, a story they still laugh about today.

Tradition – A celebration that’s travelled generations

The second film, ‘Tradition’ takes viewers back to Novak’s childhood, as he shares memories of special meals that his family celebrated together. Every year Novak wished for the lucky coin from the cake, and although he never won, the memories of those moments are still with him today.

Commenting on the films Djokovic said, “The ‘Made By’ film series allowed me to reflect on moments in my life that have forged everlasting memories.

“My first date with my wife was a pinnacle moment in my life, a meal that changed me forever. Filming the story of our first date was great fun, I honestly felt taken back to being a nervous 18 year old across the table from the most wonderful girl I had ever seen, the woman who is now my loving wife and mother of our little boy, Stefan.

The second film focusses on family meals and luck – and I think you can say since those childhood moments I’ve been a pretty lucky guy!”

Novak’s wife and co-star Jelena Djokovic said, “The films delve into our story, how we met, and how those little moments shaped our relationship today. Reliving our first date was emotional, funny and wonderful. That meal has given us a great story to tell our children and grandchildren one day!”

Derek Oliver, Global Marketing Director of Jacob’s Creek said, “Jacob’s Creek celebrates bringing people with a love of food and wine together around the globe, creating memorable meal moments. Not only do we enjoy sharing what Jacob’s Creek is Made By, but we love sharing stories of what people are Made By, and this includes the moments that stay with us forever. We have unlocked two of these private moments with Novak, and we look forward to sharing these stories with the world.”

Directed by Steve Callen, who previously directed the Jacob’s Creek ‘Open Up’ series with Andre Agassi, the two part series will be launched globally on January 13, 2016.

The ‘Made By Moments films plus outtakes and behind the scenes can be viewed online at