S and S

Some enviable picture perfect lives should not be scrutinised or disrupted. The arrival of shaurjyo at Dr Gautam Rakshit’s house ought to have been a routine pleasant sojourn and not have the consequences it did. Fates has its own whimsy. And at 40, Devika lives on alone at the beautiful baroque Meera Mansion, amid memories of a forgettable marriage and the briefest soul-searing introduction to adult love.

The heart has its own longing. Much after the mind comprehends social compulsions and impossibilities, it hopes still. into this gloom of diminishing yet overpowering hope, still. Into this gloom of diminishing yet overpowering hope, shaurjyo returns with the most maddening ensemble of film stars to shoot his debut movie.

Longing is the intensity and futility with which character actor Hriday longs for the unattainable star, Shiuli Ghatak. Longing is how Shiuli in turn seeks stability and a home, and hankers for a marriage of convenience with Shaurjyo. Longing is starlet tanisha’s singleminded pursuit of stardom. Longing is what unravels other forms of passion play on the sets. Longing is what makes shaurjyo find recourse in what was.

Movies can be made, remade, cut and edited. It is mere ideas and dreams, that aspire perfection. Does life ever follow suit?

After a masters in English literature and a phd in aesthetics, 20+ years in academia, then running her own performance management consultancy, Nandita Bose turned to a long cherished dream of writing. Her area of interest is relationships that best reflect our society how affinities develop within them. Shadow and soul is Nandita’s 4th book.

Book: Shadow & Soul Author: ​​Nandita bose 

​Publisher: ​Amaryllis  Price: Rs. 225/-