Loveseat Baga Cherry

It’s the season of joy, love and hope. It’s the season to rejoice and celebrate. With Christmas round the corner, presents a spectacular collection of handpicked furniture specially to match the Christmas zeal. A festival that marks the beginning of a new year and a celebration of togetherness between friends and families, it would be just as nice to add a dash of red color to your décor. believes that even a single piece of furniture can accentuate the whole décor of your living room. It could be your pride possession that will reflect the spirit of Christmas. Choose from sofas, chaise, armchairs and experience how the color red fills your home with zing, passion and of course beauty.

The Christmas range includes pieces like Baga Cherry loveseat, Verona Armchair from the Petite collection, tufted loveseat for two, Udaipur chaise in Cherry, Morris 3 seater in Baga Cherry and lots of designs in cushion-covers to choose from.  The furniture at gulmoharlane.comprides itself for using 100 % natural fabric like Linen & Cotton (some of them especially hand-woven). The furniture range are modern and contemporary; they have hand tufted backs to provide style and durability. Besides the furniture and the cushions, also stocks vintage chandeliers, pendants and other light fixtures that are just ideal for your Christmas décor.

Gift yourself or your loved one that ‘one exclusive piece of furniture’ that they truly deserve and what better time than Christmas to gift. Experience joy as you indulge in your most memorable purchase.

Istanbul Globe Chandelier

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