Don’t let your bedroom become just a stash corner. Splurge on some quirky and snazzy range of must- have bedroom accessories with MTV for Portico. Scour our land of bed sheets, comforters and cushions and bring home the wackiest bedding collection for your cozy corner. Create a relaxing retreat to snuggle up with our line of comforting bed linens with the perfect blend of distinctive and uncommon designs.


Spruce up your bedroom with MTV for Portico’s fun new bedding sets and make your own décor rules. Break the monotony of your dull bedroom by dressing your beds in our latest range of bedroom accessories. Choose from a variety of soft sheets and quirky cushion covers and turn on the heat with our range of cozy comforters. Gravitate towards the bold and unconventional with MTV for Portico and make your bedroom a chic corner.


Key Features:

  • High quality, super- soft finish ADVANSA fibers used in comforters providing greater warmth and comfort
  • A splash of bold and vivacious colors (fiery reds, sunny yellows, electric blues) adding drama to match the vibrancy of today’s youth

Availability :The collection is present in all Exclusive brand stores, factory outlets, leading home furnishing stores and multi brand outlets Pan India.

Price : Bed sheet- King  – MRP 2799/-

Comforter-  King – MRP 5999/- 

Cushions- MRP 699/-