Bangalore December 5, 2015 It was a Saturday with a difference at St. Martha’s Hospital. Instead of the usual crowd of patients, the hospital saw enthusiastic public towing their children along and thronging the stalls to play hoopla, guns and balloons, Toy Car Racing and much more.

The fun and festivity at St. Martha’s hospital was a part of the Annual Christmas Fete organized by the hospital management and employees to raise funds for the ‘Poor Patients Fund’.

Speaking on the fete, Jayakar Jerome, the Director of St. Martha’s Hospital said, “We mainly work with the least and the lost and particularly for the woman and child. St. Martha’s Hospital is also on a consultative position with the United Nations on Sustainable Development. Good health is a part of the agenda and so all the work that we do is with this goal in mind. This fete will help raise funds for the Poor Patients Fund and help us to reach out to more people who are in need”.


Organised by The Good Shepherds Mission Partnership, the Annual Christmas Fete saw several food and game stalls, some of the interesting ones being the ‘Love in Action’ stall where clothes and other hand made items were put up for sale.


Jason Furtado,  HOD, Physiotherapy Department, St. Martha’s Hospital and coordinator of the Christmas Fete sa​id​

, “The theme for the fete this time is doing little things with great love. Everyone is joining hands, doing their bit and doing it with great love. This is something you see rarely – usually people are invited from outside to set up stalls, but here every stall is set up by the hospital and its staff. Everyone is coming together as a family to do their bit to help the poor”.

There was also an exhibition and sale of products from the missionary of Good Shepherds Convent from Sandanapalya and Wayanad as well as from the home for single mothers.

Women rushed to the Mehendi point whereas the kids enjoyed the Horse Race, Basket of Chocolates and Brick and Bell. The stalls which everyone enjoyed were the mouth watering eateries, from Fish Curries, Kebabs to Popcorn and Cotton Candy.