The first edition of the DSSC Bootcamp took place over the weekend at Lodhi Gardens, New Delhi. Organised by the Delhi Secret Supper Club, New Delhi’s most exclusive, invite-only secret networking, dining and drinking club, the DSSC Bootcamp was a perfect combination of healthy living and eating, and helped participants to detoxify and rejuvenate in preparation for the party season ahead.


Fitness Partner, FitNut, a homegrown fitness & wellness company with the aim of empowering individuals with trainer-verified information on fitness and nutrition, came on board to help participants work on their core strength, and created customized fitness routines, while Nutrition Partner, RAW Pressery, India’s market leader in cold-pressed juices presented healthy juices, with carefully designed ingredient mixes and no added sugar, preservatives, heat or even air in them.

Talking about the event, one of the founders of DSSC said, “While recovering from the fiesta overload this season, we decided to come up with a newer, even more unique concept, which balances outstanding food & beverage with health and wellbeing. And thus was born the DSSC Bootcamp Edition, a unique amalgamation of fitness techniques, easy exercises and healthy, organic eating in order to purify the mind, body and soul and encourage healthy living.”

DSSC is known for its ability to curate events that simultaneously tickle their members’ taste buds as well as their funny bones, be it at post-work tipples where mixologists work their magic to create spectacular cocktails, or gala dinners featuring sumptuous seven-course menus, which are the pride and joy of the Chefs who have conceived them. They are also known for their ability to come up with newer and fresher concepts, such as the DSSC Bootcamp, which proved to be a roaring success.