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Mr. Jalaj Desai, Consultant from US, is the author of Business Entrepreneurship Programme which has been launched today in the presence of Mr. Gary Ang, who is the former Head of Retail Banking, ANZ Bank (China) Company Limited and also advisor to Candor International School our Chairman Mr. Suresh Reddy and Principal Mr. Samik Ghosh, were also present.

Candor constantly believe in coming up with extraordinary ideas to shape and prepare our students to face the world outside awaiting them with brilliant opportunities. We have set a benchmark for ourselves and we strive to excel in them at every step.  This time around, we have designed a program which will guide our students to learn how to BUILD BUSINESS & ENTREPRENEURIAL SKILLS The Business & Entrepreneurship Program provides students in 7th-12th grade  with the  skills and background necessary  to transform a business idea into reality. The workshops will cover the  topics of  Idea Generation, Finance, Marketing & P.R., and Operations. By providing this curriculum structure  we  hope  to give students vital professional skills that  will allow them to explore  present  and future  business opportunities.

The process started on Friday, November 27, 2015, when the 120+ students in the Entrepreneurship Program began gathering to start forming ideas and to attend a lecture series with expert speakers and mentors from a pool of successful parents and others who have ties to Candor International School. Once the students form groups and begin the ideation process, they will be paired with mentors who are successful entrepreneurs and who generously offered their time to teach the students about areas of importance to business .After finalizing their ideas in February, the mentors then will start working with the teams on how to apply the same business principles to their own projects. “This program is very important for Candorians. This program will evaluate new methodologies in order to imagine a future that has yet to be invented. ” said Jalaj Desai, Founder of the program and the International Advisor of Candor International School. The students will be guided and motivated to polish certain skills that can help them be successful entrepreneurs. We will cover key areas like effective communication skills  that can lead to increased productivity, branding, strategies, setting goals,  and then develop an actionable plan to make them a reality. “As an entrepreneur myself I would like to encourage and promote Candor kids develop skills to be innovators and entrepreneurs in future.”  said Mr. Suresh Reddy, the chairman of Candor International School. The Principal, Mr. Samik Ghosh said, ”It is vitally important for the students to take up an innovative initiative without being bogged down by any thought of failure and believe that it is always worth a  try”.