Bangalore, 28th November 2015: The ‘Open Days’ exhibition, aimed at showcasing the art and design capabilities of the students, wrapped up with the eminent fraternity members coming together to celebrate the creativity and mark the importance of such initiatives.

The three-day long “open days” exhibition, organised from 27th to 29th November by LISAA School of Design,  offered an excellent opportunity to the participating students to interact with the industry experts, artists and academicians and a platform to showcase their talent and interest in artwork, short films, photographs and skits.

The biggest challenge, which students of the creative field often face, is finding a right platform to showcase their talent. Such initiatives not just help fill this gap but a competition free platform also offers space for creativity and helps bring out the best from the students. As part of the fraternity, I want to congratulate LISAA School of Design for organising such an open and innovative event,” says Mr. Prakash Belawadi, a well-known Indian theatre, Film, Television and Media Person.

From left Avi Keshwani, Prakash Belawadi & Laurent Guichoux with students

While students from CREO Valley School of Film and Television undertook activities like photography exhibition, students film and documentaries screening, skits, dance performances, and internship fair, students from LISAA School of Design were divided into Foundation Year, 2nd Year Interior and Production Design, 2nd Year Graphic Design, 2nd Year Fashion Design, 3rd Year Interior and Production design, 3rd Year Graphic design, and 3rd Year Fashion Design to showcase their talents accordingly.

 “The platform aimed at bringing out the best from the students. The idea was to offer them a knowledge and skill sharing platform, without creating a sense of competition. This was like celebrating excellence, without mapping their interests and talents on any preset scale. We are hopeful that the initiative will not give students the necessary exposure but confidence in their talent and work,” says Mr. Laurent Guichoux, Academic Director, LISAA.

The three-day long talent exhibition was marked by the display of movement of animal in abstract way, sunset out of cliché, creative techniques like mind mapping and story boarding, architectural design to work with 3D sculptures using ice cream sticks, supermatism poster, body adjective posters, pop-up cards, panton magazine cover, recipe illustrations and photography, logo charts, motion posters, clay animation – story boards, shadow animation, rebranding mockups, packaging design, motion videos – kyoori us and photography. Another interesting aspect of exhibition was display of 30 best works in sketching, water colour, human figures, and so on by the Foundation Year.

In the event, the 2nd Year Interior and Product Design students of LISAA School of Design focussed on semiotics – the science of symbols, product design and visual communication and Fashion Design students focused on design and stylism, illustrations, fashion history and cad. The 3rd year Interior and Product Design students showed their talent in product design, visual communication and photography and Fashion Design students in mood boards, premier vision board, research books, fabric development board and collection plan.

Such initiatives are exceptionally significant in Indian setup, where art and film making is yet to be recognised as an important stream to be pursued on academic level. Along with giving students exposure, such events help people identify art as an important career option with excellent future prospects,” says Dr. A Senthil Kumaran, Principal Counselor, Education Excellence & Anchoring the Education Excellence Initiative.

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