Bangalore, November 26th, 2015: Dr. Varaprasad Reddy of St. Martha’s Hospital was recently awarded with the “Best Paper” for his presentation at the Bangalore Orthopaedic Society Monthly CME (Continued Medical Education) Meet that was held recently at API Bhavan, Vasantnagar. The paper was titled “A Case Report of Complete Transection of Brachial Artery with Elbow Dislocation”.

CME Meetings are conducted every month by the Bangalore Orthopaedic Society and brings together Orthopaedic specialists from across the city to present papers on rare experiences that they have dealt with. The meeting at API Bhavan saw 10 papers being presented. Dr Varaprasad’s presentation was of a case of elbow dislocation that also had extensive blood vessel damage surrounding the joint. This is not usually the case in a dislocation, especially if there is no external wound. The patient, in this case, further added to the complications by delaying approaching a hospital for medical treatment by around 3 days. Dr. Varaprasad’s presentation covered how the orthopaedic team dealt with this unique case.

Speaking on receiving this award Dr. Varaprasad  Reddy said, “It is important that we have a forum to present such unique experiences to peers in the orthopaedic world. It gives us all an opportunity to learn something new, which is essential to our field. I am glad that my paper was recognized to be of value to all those present at the meeting.”

Speaking on this award, Jayakar Jerome, the Director of St. Martha’s Hospital said, “We constantly encourage our doctors to participate in such interactions that give them new ideas on approaching unique cases.”