Bengaluru, October 30, 2015: Uncovering the inspirations which blend to curate an individual’s style, the 11th edition of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 commenced in Gurgaon. The tour arrived in the garden city, Bengaluru in its second stop. The evening was crafted to perfection bringing out the finest col.lab.orations of design, music and technology. Every artist exuded brilliance that is core to their Style and success; capturing the audience with sublime experiences which will remain etched in their minds

Decoding his creative journey and story of style, critically acclaimed filmmaker Anurag Kashyap narrated fine experiences which have stayed with him and influenced him to evolve as a filmmaker. Fashion aces Abraham & Thakore and Neeta Lulla presented design stories which were a blend of exquisite detailing and rich legacy, handcrafted to perfection.

These design stories were a col.lab.oration of couture and contemporary consciousness; as eminent designer duo Abraham & Thakore’s collection was inspired by recycling while Neeta Lulla’s collection was a tale of contemporary womanhood. Curating music for the tour, Gaurav Raina strung together the beats to which these design stories were presented. Adding to the resplendence of this experience, Yami Gautam donned the finale design for Neeta Lulla, epitomising elegance that comes with distinguished craftsmanship.

Commenting on the occasion, Mr Raja Banerji, Assistant Vice President, Pernod Ricard India, said, “Blenders Pride Fashion Tour has a legacy of bringing forth different facets of style. This year, the inspiration is ‘Col.lab.oration’ between designers, musicians, celebrated personalities who will showcase their inspirations, co-creations and the journeys of style that have defined their style and taste. Our endeavour is to decode the style elements for audience and showcase the substance that makes for every artist’s excellence.  Delving deeper into the journey of style, the Blenders Pride Reserve Collection evenings have been handcrafted to perfection and exquisiteness”.

On their collection ‘The Sustainability Project’ for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015, Abraham & Thakore said, “Influenced by the environment wellbeing, our collection for Blenders Pride Fashion Tour articulates a vocabulary that is relevant to contemporary life in metropolitan India. The collection explores classic garment shapes and silhouettes which make for a timeless Indian wardrobe, presenting novel facets of Style. We are elated to showcase it on the stage of Blenders Pride Fashion Tour, as it truly epitomises the handpicked elements of Style which remain engraved in the minds of audience.”

Kantha the traditional Indian approach to recycling was deployed to turn cotton and silk fabric remnants into new fabrics making each garment in this collection unique. The fabrics and accents of sequins, laces, borders etc. were recreated from antique brocades and ribbons; and the colour palette varied between white, ivory to charcoal, slate, coffee, coconut and plum, grape, etc.

Designer Neeta Lulla, known for her stunning and awe-inspiring designs, said, “As Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 delves deeper into the elements of style, my collection depicts the tale of contemporary womanhood. It is as unique as a fingerprint to a person; it celebrates individuality, assertiveness of being you, something which is perfectly handcrafted to suit a certain personality, inspired by the androgynous style of today’s woman. The collection is a philosophy that states ‘U the semi-circle that completes the circle of life’. Today women have arrived as major drivers to various aspects of life, which is why I feel that it is an apt platform to showcase this collection where such experiences col.lab.orate to build your style.”


The collection is a blend of monochromatic colour scheme with androgynous silhouettes worked upon semi-circular contour that have a sensuous epicene style statement and structure. Black and white being the basis of the collection, the depth of a woman’s mind set is brought out by variant of deep colours.

Tuned to the styles and influences of Abraham & Thakore, Gaurav Raina presented an up-tempo vocal electronica with western vocals making the evening enigmatic. Giving an ethnic touch to the rest of the evening, Mame Khan uplifted the environment with his raw and rustic beats which were in sync with Neeta Lulla’s collection.

Expressing his thoughts during the show, Indian filmmaker Anurag Kashyap said, “I have always believed that our strengths and personality evolves with all great experiences we go through in our lives. My experiences of street theatre, interest in international cinema, trying times in career… all of it has contributed to the way I speak, work and carry myself. I am excited to be associated with Blenders Pride Fashion Tour 2015 and looking forward to the journey where col.lab.orations that build Style will be explored at every step!”