“For the successful implementation of any government programs, the commitment and efficiency of the officers, support of the representatives, and involvement of the people is the key” said honourable health minister of Karnataka, Mr UT Khader at his inaugural speech of Consultative Workshop on National Urban Health Mission in Karnataka held at Executive Development Center, Bangalore.

He said Bangalore has become the capital of communicable diseases for various reasons. He opined that no matter whatever funds are available, how we can maximise its utilisation where it will benefit the health of Bangalore is the key. Bangalore will be one of the best health cities which would lead to development. We want healthy Bangalore where people of the society are healthy. Whatever the suggestions are given, we will take it in the right sprit and our government will support.

The UN secretary general’s special Enjoy for AIDS Asia & the Pacific; Mr. J V R Prasada Rao said that the health problem of cities is a consequence of migration which has resulted in overcrowding, sanitation issues, and burden of diseases. He continued to say that statistically there is no difference between urban, poor vs rural population. He said NUHM goal should emphasize on urban community healthcare, urban primary healthcare, and empowerment of women.

The Centre for Budget and Policy Studies (CBPS), HealthMinds, UNICEF and International Institute of Information Technology, Bangalore organized a one day consultation workshop on the health and healthcare issues in urban areas and drew pointers for NHM interventions. The consultation was more of brain storming and brought together civil society professionals, policy planners, service providers and academicians. The consultation was so designed that selected panellists spoke on the topic and set the discussion going where both invited speakers as well as others were called for to add on to the discourse.

On this occasion, Mr. Keshav Desiraju, Former Health Secretary, Government of India; Mr. Atul Tiwari, Principal Secretary, Health(TBC), Government of Karnataka; Dr. Jyotsna Jha, Director, Center for Budget and Policy Studies, Dr. T.K.Srikanth,Professior, IIIT-B; Dr. Chinmaya Chigateri, CEO, HealthMinds Consulting Pvt. Ltd and Dr. Umesh Chandra participated in the event.

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