One of the biggest fears of hair coloration is fading. First day color radiance tends to fade with time making your hair colour dull as it faces aggressions from sunlight, weather and improper post color care. L’Oreal Professionnel’s Vitamino AOX empowers you to fight the fade with the most advanced protection technology – giving your locks the rich and vibrant glow you have always wanted!

L’Oreal Professionnel’s Serie Expert brings to you an all new range powered with a fantastic anti-oxidant technology to literally fight the fade!

What better defence for your hair than a UV filter, Vitamin E & an anti-oxidant! This A-OX technology is a unique cocktail comprising these 3 key defences to help to extend your hair color radiance for weeks!

You can experience the power of this technology – TOP COAT TREATMENT at you NEAREAST L’OREAL PROFESSIONAL SALON. This precision treatment traps, seals and locks in color at the heart of the hair fibre so your hair colour stays radiant for weeks. Infact, it works best if you carry it out on the day of coloration!

The star products used in the treatment are:

Vitamino AOX Shampoo Rs 575

Powerdose Colour AOX: A formula enriched with UV filters, tecopherol, panthenol and neohespiridin to enhance colour. Ionene G, a recognized colouring agent to protect the hair fibre. Incell repairs the inter-cellular cement and the Cationic Polymer screen optimises the fibre’s hydrophobicity.

VITAMINO COLOR AOX Conditioner Rs 525

Crystalceutic Serum: This milky serum is enriched with SilicActive elements, coating the hair fibre with a light film to protect and preserves its

VITAMINO COLOR AOX Conditioner Rs 675

Crystalceutic Masque: In combination with the colour radiance protection serum, this masque coats the hair fibres in a protective film to help preserve the luminosity of colour treated hair.

Experience the power of A-OX technology at home too:

VitaminoColor Shampoo: Also powered with this brilliant A-OX technology &Beautiful creamy texture this shampoo will gently cleanse your hair respecting the hair color to keep it soft & shiny

VitaminoColor A-OX Mask: Also powered with this brilliant A-OX technology &lovely gelcrème texture this mask works beautifully after the shampoo to condition the hair and preserve the hair color leaving it radiant.

So bid adieu to dull, lacklustre locks and reinstate the gorgeous hue of your colour treated hair with Vitamino AOX

Work the power of AOX at home too with the following products:-Vitamino AOX Shampoo: Rs 575 (250 ml)

Vitamino AOX Conditioner: Rs 525 (150 ml)

Vitamino AOX Masque: Rs 675 (200 ml)