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August 2015

Civil Services students felicitated by Chanakya IAS Academy


New Delhi 25 August 2015  – With an aim to keep the civil services  aspirants motivated towards their goal in life, Chanakya IAS Academy in association with AK Mishra’s Art of Success  felicitated their meritorious students who had performed exceptionally well in civil services . The results of civil services  were declared recently and Chanakya IAS Academy students re- created a history in the examination by their brilliant performance. Considering this unprecedented success, Chanakya IAS Academy conducted a felicitation ceremony in which the faculty along with the parents were present today at India Habitat Centre.


Students’ uncanny zeal to attain success, over-the-top performance and illustrious victory recognized by noted motivational speaker Mr. AK Mishra (Managing Director, Chanakya IAS Academy).

The felicitation ceremony  graced by Hon’ble Justice Dr. Arijit Pasayat, former judge, Supreme Court India.

Civil Services are all about hard work, dedication, sincerity and determination and this is where our students stand out. Continued efforts and a focused approach towards the goal with precision, plan & tenacity can help anybody achieve excellence, said Mr. A.K. Mishra, Director of Chanakya I.A.S Academy 

 Chanakya IAS Academy has churned out 353 successful candidates out of which 4 students are listed in top 10, 6 students are in top 20 and a whooping 31 student are in top 100.


Students phenomenal and singular triumph also  celebrated by noted dignitaries like Tranformational Yoga Guru, Swami Vivekanand,  healthcare practitioners & doctors, including Dr. Prasson Chatterjee (Geriatrics dept. Head at AIIMS), Mr. Hameed Jund, HR Head of Aplha Group, NSG personnel and other leading bureaucrats across India. The jaw dropping  results will bring together eminent politicians, doctors, defence personnel and veteran bureaucrats which allowed everybody get a good fix on burning issuses, scientific developments and technological prowess of India.

In the felicitation ceremony, all the students were highly jubilant and enthusiastic. On this occasion, the Rank 5 Suharsha Bhagat shared his experiences at Academy with all the students and also shared information about the latest changes in the UPSC, right books and methodology, level of syllabus, time required, marking scheme, medium of answering and put to rest several doubts.

 A large number of parents, teachers and faculty were present during the ceremony. All the faculty members of Chanakya IAS Academycongratulated the students at the end of the felicitation ceremony and wished them luck for a bright future.  Parents and students also thanked the academy for their invaluable contribution towards their success.

R K Laxman’s Cartoons are Immortal – Dr. S. B Mujumdar

Book Launch of 'Kasa Bolalat'

Pune, Aug 25: As a tribute to one of India’s iconic cartoonists Late Mr. R K Laxman,  Mehta Publishing House and online book publisher Daily Hunt on Friday released the compilation of Laxman’s pocket cartoons ‘You Said It’ in the form of a book titled as ‘Kasa Bolalat’.

The book was released by luminaries like noted cartoonist Mangesh Tendulkar; Chancellor, Symbiosis International University Dr S B Mujumdar and Late R K Laxman’s wife Mrs Kamala Laxman, the translator of the book Mr. Avinash Bhome & Mr. Sunil Mehta MD Mehta Publishing House.

 On the occasion, the publishers also organised ‘Best Cartoon’ contest, for which entries were invited from cartoonists all over Maharashtra. The theme was ‘Common man’.

 Renowned cartoonist Mr. Mangesh Tendulkar judged the entries for the competition. Winner of the competition was Mr. Santosh Ghongade who won a cash prize of Rs 10,000, a certificate of appreciation and a memento, Second prize winner was Mr. Babu Ganjiwar and Third prize was bagged by Mr. Mahesh Bhavsar.

On this occasion Padma Shri, Padma Bhushan awardee and Chancellor, Symbiosis International University Dr S B Mujumdar said, “Laxman cartoons has been the voice of common man. He identified the social evils and portrayedthem in his caricatures.”

 Mr. Mangesh Tendulkar cartoonist paid tribute to R.K Laxman by calling the latter as his guru who inspired him to hold the brush in his hand to become the cartoonist. During his speech he requested Mr. Sunil Mehta for publishing R. K. Laxman’s caricatures of film stars “The star I never met” and the politicians”.

The cartoons which were shortlisted for the final selection process will be displayed in the book gallery of Mehta Publishing House.  Also, these cartoons would get published in the monthly in-house journal of the company.

 Sunil Mehta, managing Director, Mehta Publishing House, said “Publishing the Marathi version of R K Laxman’s cartoon collections is an important step towards introducing the iconic cartoonist and his work to the non-English readers. This would help a larger section of the society to understand the ethos of ‘Common Man’”.

He added “The silent voice of the common man was after all, our voice. India’s most iconic cartoonist decided years ago to say it and how? He created his unique space, giving us our daily food for thought, in his typical cutting style. Beyond the black and white of life, he covered various shades of grey with his unique humour,”.

R. K. Laxman’s cartoons lived in the hearts of Indians for over 25 years. All the sharp wit and healthy irreverence which make readers every morning turn first to the cartoons instead of the headlines, gave the common man a voice. ‘You Said It’ brought out the travails of daily life, while reflecting the times gone by.

Avinash Bhome the translator of the book Kasa Bolalat talked about the book and his experience of going through common man’s life”.

Going for a trip? dont worry Here is list how to pack your suitcase efficiently

Mumbai 24 August 2015 – Packing your bag is very easy when you plan ahead by following tips given below. Before you pack your bag you must go  according to the Location, weather and activities you have decided. You must include medical, toiletries and expensive things such as jewelry in a separate bag.
– You must decide what clothes you are gonna take. Example Shirts, Dresses, Underwear, Socks, Sandals Pants, Hat etc
– Personal items like OTC Medications, Lotion, Lip Balm, Sunglasses, Sunscreen etc
– Snacks like Fruit, Water bottle etc
– Electronics things like Phone, Camera, Music player  etc
– Miscellaneuos things like Blanket, Towel, Beach Bag, Equipment, Book or Magazines etc
1 You must check the weather before you go at your destinations
2 You must plan each day in advance this will help you to decide how many clothes and which types of clothes you are taking and you will be comfortable with your trip.
3 You must put large and heavy clothing at the bottom of your Suitcase this will make yourself easier to find items in your bag
4 Pack several lightweight layers as this work well both in hot and cold weather as you can add more if you are too cold, and take some off if you are too hot.
5 You must put your shoes in a plastic bag because when you wear them your other clothes doesnt get dirty.
6 Use creases and gaps to place underwear. Fit the underwear and socks down the sides once the case is full. This will make sure that you dont fill up valuable space in the middle.
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Data on how Smartphones driving Enterprise Mobility in India

The India enterprise mobility market is expected to grow from US$ 1.7 billion in 2015 to US$ 2.3 billion in 2017. This radical growth is due to the explosion of smartphone users in India and the time they spend on the internet.

Below is an infographic with some interesting data points on smartphone usage in India, what it means for leading ecommerce players, as well as smartphone vendor share in the country.


Namma Bengaluru Foundation and BRACE congratulates newly elected Corporators to BBMP


August 25, 2015, Bengaluru:Namma Bengaluru Foundationand the Bengaluru Residents Associations Confederation Ensemble (BRACE) congratulates all the Corporators elected to the BBMP. Bengalureans have reposed immense faith in Corporators across party lines to re-shape the future of our city. Bengaluru is already one of the fastest growing metropolises in India, and will become one of the largest and most populous city by 2025. Scams, financial irregularities, corruption, bankruptcy etc. have plagued BBMP in the last five years. Despite this, Bengalureans came out to elect their Corporator. This is a testimony to Bengalureans unwavering faith in the political process, and an opportunity for the newly elected Corporators to restore the citizen’s eroded faith in BBMP.

In a commendable initiative, 85 candidates to the BBMP Election, 2015 signed the Namma Bengaluru Foundation and BRACE’s Ideal Corporator pledge to provide citizen centric governance, and abide by high standards of personal and institutional integrity. 7candidates who signed the pledge have won the election. Namma Bengaluru Foundation congratulates and extends its full support to these candidates to abide by the Ideal Corporator Pledge. We urge all Corporators to constitute a Ward Committee at the earliest, and ensure adequate representation of citizen in the Ward.

No. Name Ward Party
1. K. Nagabhushan Shettihalli Congress
2. Indira Subhash Sanjay Nagar BJP
3. G.K.Venkatesh Yeshwantpura Congress
4. M. Venkatesh Katriguppe BJP
5. Sarawasthamma Jakkasandra` BJP
6. T Ramachandra Ejipura Congress
7. Shobha Jagadeeshan Mangammana Palya Congress

Over the next five years, NBF will bring out a half yearly report on the performance of these Corporators on the basis of their commitment made during the elections. Some of the parameters on the basis of which the candidates will be evaluated are as follows-

1. Ward Committee
Measures taken to ensure citizen participation in decision making at Ward Level.
Whether Ward Committee has been constituted?
If Yes, when and how has the Ward Committee been constituted?
How frequently have the meetings been held and whether adequate notice was given to residents in the Ward?
Whether records have been maintained properly and minutes of the meeting are readily accessible?
2. Ward Vision
Has the Corporator announced a Vision for the Ward?
If Yes, what steps have been taken by the Corporator to fulfill this vision?
3. Responsiveness to Ward Issues
How approachable is the Corporator? (Whether Corporator has designated time and place to meet citizens regularly.)
Does the Corporator have a system in place to monitor follow ups on complaints received?
4. Transparency
What efforts have been taken by him to widely disseminate information on the public expenditure on Ward Level works?
Whether any efforts have been made by him/her to monitor Ward Level Works?
5. Conflict of Interest
Whether the Corporator/close family member/associates have entered into agreement/contract with BBMP which are directly in conflict with their duty as a Corporator?
6. Whether any Criminal cases have been lodged against the Corporator
If yes, details of the charge framed and the status of the case.

The Corporator will be evaluated by a panel of Resident Welfare Associations and distinguised individuals. Additional details of the metrics used to evaluate the Corporator will be released shortly.

The quality of governance and provision of public services will largely determine whether Bengaluru will become a truly world class city or decay into an urban sprawl. Can our city provide basic amenities to all including the millions migrating into the city? Will our city become conducive to Job creation to keep pace with the rapidly expanding population? Will Bengaluru be able to capitalize on its technological innovations? These are some of the questions that need to be seriously deliberated upon and warrants a vision plan.

No meaningful change is possible without reforming governance at the grassroot level. Corporators are at the very foundation of the Urban Local governancestructure and wield the greatest power to bring meaningful changes at the Ward level. We hope that the newly elected Corporators work towards building a truly inclusive and prosperous city.

Warren Tricomi opens its first salon in Hyderabad

Hyderabad 25th August 2015: Warren Tricomi, one of the most luxurious chains of salons from New York inaugurated its first salon in Hyderabad at Apollo Life Centre Jubilee Hills Hyderabad.  It offers impeccable standards of services from stylists that are trained by some of the leading hair artists from New York.


Warren Tricomi is currently present in five stunning properties at TheLeela Hotels across the country, at the luxurious Spa la Vie by L’Occitane, Mumbai and has established salons in Delhi at Zehen at the elegant Manor Hotel and at the JW Marriott Hotel Bangalore. Taking it a notch higher, they recently launched a 20,000 SQ FT Warren Tricomi Salon and Spa at the Grand MercureShrem Resorts, Goa boasting the only Spa to feature a Couple’s heated stone Hammam bed.

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Darpan Sanghvi, Managing Director Sanghvi Brands said, “Warren Tricomi Salons present the best in luxury grooming and beauty services . Warren Tricomi todaycontinues to spread its  premium services as it opens up its first centre in Hyderabad at Apollo Life Centre Jubilee Hills . Warren Tricomi Salon  isset up with  an objective of offering rejuvenating and soulful experience  to the guests . We hold over ten Warren Tricomi salons at different locations in South Asia and we are in the process of launching Warren Tricomi in the Middle East.”

Speaking on the occasion Mr. Jaideep Anand – CEO Apollo Life said “Our vision in Apollo life is to create preventive wellness across the country and in WT we see natural partner who is an international market leader in the field of hair care and beauty industry.”

With the launch of the Warren Tricomi salon,  Hyderabad gets a flavour of international luxury hair care and exclusive services like the Warren Tricomi Special manicure and pedicure. Warren Tricomi salons feature haircare from Kerastase and Morrocon Oil Rituals, skin & beauty care from Clarins and Forest Essentials, custom designed colouring experiences with L’Oreal and the latest in nail art with OPI.


Tarkash Pays Tribute to Coldplay

Sonata forays into the adventure gear space in India with the launch of SF

Titan Sonata SF Photographs

24 August 2015, Bangalore: In a significant announcement today, Sonata – India’s largest-selling watch brand from Titan Company Limited, launched a brand new identity for their Super Fibre range of watches. SF by Sonata is dedicated solely to the timekeeping needs of adventure enthusiasts and aims to deliver revolutionary products to its customers. A unique range of touch screen adventure watches were unveiled on the occasion and the months ahead will see many exciting offerings in the adventure gear space.

Mr. S Ravi Kant – Chief Executive Officer, Watches and Accessories Division, Titan Company Limited and Ms. Suparna Mitra – Chief Marketing Officer, Watches and Accessories Division, Titan Company Limited unveiled a new logo for SF by Sonata and shared enthusiasm on the brand’s foray into the adventure sports space in India.

Celebrating the milestone, Mr. S Ravi Kant and Ms. Suparna Mitra, launched The Touch Series watches- a collection that combines sport & tech.

The new age Touch Series watches are multifunction digital sport watches designed to provide accessibility simply by touching/swiping the screen, doing away completely with push buttons. Sonata SuperFibre launched its first touch screen watch in 2012, which was a game changer and an instant hit with the Indian youth. The new Touch series takes it to the next level by introducing the first ever Slide Touch watch. You can now swipe your Digital watch just like you would swipe on your phone!

Sharing his thoughts on the occasion, Mr. Ravi Kant – Chief Executive Officer, Watches and Accessories Division, Titan Company Limited said, “Sonata Super Fibre has been a true game-changer with its product offering – from India’s first touch screen watch to the innovative Ocean Series collection. Today, we are pleased to unveil Super Fibre’s new identity SF; a brand that will see a lot of excitement in the months to come. The adventure space in India is fast-growing but has been largely untapped, especially in the watches category. SF by Sonata is the first Indian brand to dedicate itself exclusively to this segment and will explore the massive potential the market offers. With SF, we look forward to giving consumers in India unique and path-breaking products; while keeping adventure at the heart of it all.”

The Slide Touch watch in the Touch series collection is designed with an interface similar to a touch phone’s screen and can be swiped in four directions.

The Touch series has stunning looking multifunction watches that are packed with features like dual time, Touch pad, water resistance, EL backlight, countdown timer, alarm, stopwatch, chime and a 100 year calendar. Like all other SF watches, these watches are made with high strength materials like acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS) and polyurethane (PU) that make the watch durable even in extreme conditions

The watches are available in three unique designs and 13 variants.

The Touch Series watches are priced between Rs. 1, 799 and Rs. 2, 899 and are available in over 8,000 outlets across India including World of Titan stores, multi-brand outlets and authorized dealer stores.

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