Fusilli, blistered tomato, spinach basil in roasted garlic sauce

The idea of FreshMenu was born as an answer to a question that looks simple on the outset but is not that easy to answer. It is a very common question and is asked in every home; Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai? The question is asked by every human alike; children, adults and old. Sometimes the answer you get might not be the one you like.

As an answer to that question, FreshMenu was brought to existence by Rashmi Daga. With meals prepared by finest chefs, global cuisine and a daily rotating menu of exciting meals, salads, sandwiches, burgers and desserts, FreshMenu brings the best of world food on your plate. The world palette is closer than you think. You can experience an authentic Harissa spiced Tunisian dish sitting at your home or office. The single-box meal provides a mess free meal experience. And the meals are prepared fresh and delivered within 45 minutes.

The chefs cook the food in FreshMenu’s world-class kitchen facilities and their photography team click the pictures real time. You can order food from FreshMenu’s website or app. Each dish shows the name of the dish, along with a photo and a description of what the dish is made of. The dishes are priced between Rs.100-Rs.250 which makes them hugely affordable. The dishes arrive in filling portions enough for one individual person.

FreshMenu’s vision is to deliver tasty, fresh and chef-prepared food on-demand and delivered at your doorstep. Right now, FreshMenu serves parts of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi with a plan to expand to other cities in the coming months. If you are not happy with the answer to that universal question, then a new and better one is right in front of you. Aaj Khane Mein Kya Hai? FreshMenu.

Grilled Chicken with roasted pepper & walnut pesto

 Cover story of Rashmi Daga

Sitting comfortably at the dining table, busy checking numbers about how her business venture is Rashmi Daga, the founder and CEO of FreshMenu, a company that delivers fresh and in-house chef-cooked food at homes and offices. The ride has been a hectic one and it is just the beginning.

FreshMenu turns a year in August, but for Rashmi it seems like a lot more. Co-ordinating with vendors, crunching numbers, getting chefs on board, building a team who had the same love for making people happy and numerous other things have kept her beyond busy.

The idea of FreshMenu was not the first in line when she had thought of starting a business. It was born out of something she had experienced. She was living in Frazer Town, where getting food or going out to a restaurant was not much of a hassle. But then she moved to a high-rise building in Sarjapur. The nearest place to go out and have food was in Koramangala.

In the coming days, the idea of FreshMenu was going to come to her. So pay close attention now because this is how it started. Her husband had been travelling and the new cook she had hired was irregular and did not have much variety when it came to cooking. Once she parked her car and stepped into her house, she had no intention of stepping out for a bite of food. Plus, the nearest good food joint was far away.

She was also too busy and tired to cook. And the previous week she hadn’t got time for grocery shopping as well. This was turning to be a big pain point in her life and she knew many other people like her facing the same problem.

It was necessary that she find a solution. So she thought of a creating a company that delivers tasty, fresh food prepared by chefs with an affordable price tag. After pitching a lot of ideas from tutoring services to do it yourself cooking recipes and ingredients earlier, she had finally found what she wanted to build her company around, fresh, tasty and affordable food.

She wanted to make it easy for people to enjoy good food with a lot of variety and without going through the hassle of cooking it. She put her idea into action and the company’s vision clearly defines what they want to do.

FreshMenu’s vision is to deliver tasty, fresh and chef-prepared food on-demand and delivered at your doorstep. Right now, FreshMenu serves parts of Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi with a plan to expand to other cities in the coming months.

Stuffed Red Peppers w Med Veggies & Feta

Chef Nabhojit Ghosh Cover Story

Surrounded by the head chefs and other sous chefs is the Chief culinary officer of FreshMenu, Nabhojit Ghosh. He is imparting key knowledge to those around him for what he calls as delighting the consumer. If merits and honours could speak, then Nabhojit Ghosh wouldn’t have to do much talking. Trained at IHM Kolkata, Executive Chef at Taj Malabar and Coromandel, Chef Trainer at Oberoi and Taj, Nabhojit has done it all and with acclaim.

He and Rashmi, the founder of Freshmenu got together on their mutual love of customer delight. They wanted people to be happy throughout the whole experience and not just by the food. Food was definitely the major part of the experience.

Chef Nabhojit is one of the primary adopters of French cuisine in India and since then has been able to consolidate his dreams of playing with flavour, aroma and food textures. With over 30 years of culinary experience, he is the pillar of food at FreshMenu. He has built his team from a hand-picked pool of chefs who share his vision for food and people. It has been an exciting ride for him as FreshMenu’s menu promises new dishes every day. And with Freshmenu growing at an exponential rate, Chef Nabhojit says he is ready for the challenge.

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