Marvels Avengers Tshirts by Voxpop, Rs 799

As Donatella Versace once said, “Fashion is a weapon that you can use when you need it” and this summer, it is the ultimate artillery that a college student can own. The transition from each year to another is not an easy step. Coming into the world of college, one is required to take many paths and turns, before finally settling into what one desires. One would be joining one or several societies, perhaps be working with independent cells collaborated with other colleges and one thing that is inevitable is meeting with many new people and thus, turning a part time conversation into a full-time engagement. Therefore, it is feasible to say, “Choose your wardrobe wisely”.

So, for all the students seeking to arrive at the world of ‘college’; say goodbye to your old, hefty denims and sombre t-shirts and brace this vibrant new college year with cool apparel and trendy accessories.

For GIRLS:   Go Ethnic with Contemporary Fusion: It is never too late to experiment with your contemporary-ethnic wear. Not only will it revive your ethnic look but will also give you a chance to look up a host of new and trendy designs. To go bold and beautiful with the perfect fusion, Disney by Anouk collection provides the best choices with multiple shades and patterns through crop-tops, kurtis, palazzos and  more.   

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