Fine craftsmanship- neckpiece

New Delhi, 26 June, 2015: Monsoons come and natural beauty of mother earth is at its crest. Based on this idea Kawachi has launched new line of fashion jewellery titled ‘Love for Rain’.  The collection brings a blend of aesthetics and sensuality. Elegant diamond studded earrings, rings and delicate neckpieces adore the lineup.

“Rains bring a different newness to everything around. It all becomes lush green and fresh in monsoon. These refreshing showers and glow inspire our new Love for Rain collection. Leaving that heavy, royal look aside; we have introduced delicate and elegant jewellery pieces that will add sophistication to the aura. Each piece is instilled with the touch of mother nature,” said Sachi Singh- CEO, Kawachi.

turquoise flowers in golden field- ring

Crafted to excellence, the elegant and fluid ornaments are here to boost the radiance of women with the panache of gold, twinkle of diamonds and other coloured stones. The rings, earrings and neckpieces showcase scintillating patterns with perfect mix of precious stones. The array of youthful jewellery pieces shall flaunt the bold and beautiful feminine side of women. The smart ready to wear pieces shall address the need of youth who want that shine but in a subtle manner. Pieces are light with modern cuts. The accentuated coloured stones make it look vibrant at the same time avoiding that loud look. These shall also go in sync with the corporate culture where you have to keep your accessories on the mellow side.