Bangalore, April, 2015: Moksh Agarbatti, second largest incense sticks manufacturer, today announced the launch of “mood enhancer & perfect ambience” range of incense sticks under their regular & premium segment. Produced, blending various exotic herbs, roots, spices, oils, etc, the new range includes Sandalwood, Salvation, Rose, Heena, Holy Prayer, Exotic India and Darvesh for unique fragrances to create specific mood and ambience.

Stress has outlived the existence of peace, calmness and happiness in our minds. Struggle to excel has given birth to minds that are always filled with thoughts and to the minds that can be told as non-healthy. There are ways by which you can set your energy high and boost the flow between your heart and mind to keep you charged for your day to day activities. Burning incense that is good for mind and heart is one of the very easy solutions. The new product range from Moksh Agarbatti aims to alleviate the pressure in mind and create the perfect ambience for a stress free day.


  • EXOTIC INDIA: an exotic and pleasant fragrance offering soothing touch to the people around. Best use during prayer, meditation and as mood enhancer.
  • SALVATION: an exhilarating fragrance gives a soothing feeling and helps the mind to concentrate. Perfect when used during prayer and as mood enhancer.
  • SANDALWOOD: With its sweet fragrance gives a sense of happiness and pleasant feeling all around. Best use during religious ceremonies, family gatherings and also be offered as unique gift.
  • HOLY PRAYER: The fragrance lingers for long retaining the spiritual mood, bringing in absolute peace & harmony to the mind and soul. Best use during prayer, meditation and as mood enhancer.
  • HEENA: a captivating fragrance that brings immense peace & pleasure of mind and transcends to a level beyond imagination. Use during prayer and meditation.
  • ROSE: With its sweet aroma creates a pleasant ambience. Use during functions & gatherings.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Anand Kumar Ashiya, Promoter, Moksh Agarbatti said “We wanted to take our products beyond spirituality and the new range is the result. We constantly aim to produce incense sticks that are in line with the changing life styles and part of every occasion of our customer’s daily life. Currently with over 35 different products, all patented and trademark registered, our vision is to be available in each and every house hold of the country by year 2020”.

Recently Moksh Agarbatti created a television commercial featuring brand ambassador & veteran actress Hema Malini along with her daughter Isha Deol, Son-in-Law Bharat Takhtani and national award winning actor Vijay Maurya. The TVC highlighted the company’s leading product “Swarna Champa” which is contributing 20% of the overall revenue. The company is also setting up a new state of the art manufacturing facility with an area of 1 lakh Sqft to meet the increasing demand of domestic and export market.