Star CJ - laundry hanger

STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading home shopping network introduces Home Power Laundry Hanger.  Drying clothes is the biggest problem faced by people as most society members find it brings the value down. Home power laundry hanger is extremely portable which would help consumers dry their clothes inside the house. It is specifically designed to garner maxim from the wind blowing around, to dry your clothes naturally and rapidly. This magnificent product can be availed at Rs. 2199/- by calling the STAR CJ toll free number 1860-500-1860 or by visiting

The only alternative for people to dry their clothes within is to use a dryer, which can prove to be an expensive affair. Home power laundry hanger is not only efficient with its drying process but is also cost-effective as it is being offered at a mouth-watering price by STAR CJ and will not consume electricity like a dryer. The drying process is expedited in the hanger due to a specially designed ventilation system, developed by keeping the required gap between each piece of clothing and harnessing the wind blowing from all directions. Some of its other features include four step angle adjustment which helps in drying all types of laundry, one-touch lock for height adjustment, two adjustable hanger holder, fully adjustable shelf height, stainless steel/heavy duty resin construction and six rotating wheels for easy movement of the hanger. Home Power Laundry Hanger is here to help you enjoy the rains better!

Star CJ - laundry hanger 2