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March 2015


Alumni Relations.

Bangalore, March 31, 2015: Greenwood High International School has pioneered an initiative to set up an Alumni Office on campus with the support of an education sector consulting, FuturEd. This office is the first of its kind in a school in Bangalore and will be managed by a full time person with the support of a faculty team & student team.

A global connection is crucial for an international school especially with its students scattered all over the world and the decision to set up this office has come in since Greenwood High has completed 10 years and has around 200 alumni. This office will help in tracking all alumni and ensuring that they reconnect not only back with their Alma Mater but with the alumni network as well.

Regular communication will happen through all social media channels and newsletters will be sent out on a monthly basis so as to keep alumni updated about happenings in the school & the alumni network. This unique platform will also enable current students to keep in touch with their seniors, allowing our current students to be exposed and ready for new experiences lined up for them. Alumni can play a key role in mentoring current students and this office will look forward to connecting them through various guest lectures and workshops.

This office will act as the single touch point between the school & alumni and will also look forward to connecting alumni through various events, both national and international. It also aims at bringing out the best in our school and students by giving them examples to look up to, and provide a surge of motivation and encouragement in addition to a sense of pride for our school.

An alumna from the Batch of 2013 (IB), Nikita Agarwal on the importance for a school to keep in touch with its alumni said, “Keeping in touch with alumni gives a school a group of people who can give advice to current students and give feedback on colleges & careers. It also helps alumni to get in touch with their classmates and peers.”

The direction of this office is very clearly defined by its vision – “To create a dedicated and enthusiastic global community of Greenwood High Alumni who are connected & engaged with their Alma mater and their peers in a mutually beneficial relationship” and the school is quite excited to bring their brand ambassadors back home through this initiative.

We believe it’s very important for our current students to communicate with our alumni, in order to learn from their experiences and how life changes once you are out of school. For the same, we will be holding regular Alumni Talks. The first Alumni Talk was with Divya Krishnan on Monday, 30th March at Greenwood High. Divya is a young aspiring veterinarian, who gave an insightful speech to the students of Grade IX, X and XI, on the journey of high school. Relating to personal experiences, the alumna was able to provide a clear plan of action to students dreaming similar dreams and encouraged the students to never back down, despite the bumps on the road.

Alumni Relations

Thus the Alumni Office successfully managed to create an environment where students can benefit from the experiences of prior students facing similar situation, by bridging the gap between the past, present and future.

National-level Haryana Gymnast Shows Near-Miraculous Recovery after Spine Injury at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon


Gurgaon, 31 March 2015: Sachin, a young and promising national level gymnast from Haryana suffered an unfortunate fall while performing a complex gymnastics maneuver during a practice session and broke his neck bone, leaving him paralyzed immediately.

Even as his coach rushed him to a nearby hospital, he feared the worst since he had come across a few such cases of athletes who had failed to recover from such an injury inducing accident. The doctors who examined him confirmed that he had sustained a serious cervical spine injury with quadriplegia (paralysis of arms and legs). Realizing that it was a very serious injury and needed high expertise to handle carefully, they referred the athlete to the Spine Department of Paras Hospital, Gurgaon for further management.

As soon as he arrived at Paras Hospitals, Gurgaon, the spine team led by Dr Arun Bhanot, chief of spine services, started appropriate medical treatment. Since the right treatment began within a few hours of injury, it proved crucial to the final outcome. Then they decided that undertaking a complex set of surgeries on his neck was the only option to provide Sachin a realistic chance of survival and recovery from paralysis.

“After initially stabilizing his condition with medicines, we assessed it to be a dislocation of C4-5 vertebra in the neck causing damage to the spinal cord that led to the paralysis. We decided to immediately conduct a surgery as we did not want to lose any more time. Sachin was operated the very next morning and underwent two spine surgeries at the same time — one from the front of neck and second from the back of neck. After the spine surgeries, Sachin showed a remarkable improvement within the next 24 hours, and has continued to improve ever since. All his four limbs have started moving,” said Dr Bhanot.

Within 3 days of the operation, Sachin regained enough strength in his legs, so much that the doctors were able to make him stand by his own. With both age and will power on his side and accurate medical help, Sachin managed to achieve a fete that surprised even his doctors.

A spine or brain injury is one of the most critical injuries suffered by the body since it impacts the entire central nervous system. Unlike an injured hand whose impact would be limited to just itself, an injured spine has implications for the entire body. It may leave a person paralyzed for life.

“Sachin is extremely lucky to have such a fast recovery from a very serious spinal injury that caused paralysis. The incidence of recovery in such injuries is abysmally low even at the best of centers in the world. In this case, it was a combination of multiple factors that went in Sachin’s favor; the foremost being his coach’s insight to take him to a nearby well equipped medical center whose doctors in turn referred him to a tertiary care spine unit that was well geared up to provide him a world class treatment. Getting a prompt medical treatment within a couple of hours of his injury, followed by correct set of surgeries under expert hands within the first 24 hours of injury provided stability to his unstable spine. This made the whole difference between him remaining paralytic for his whole life or recovering and being able to walk by himself,” added Dr Bhanot.

The doctors at Paras Hospital are quite satisfied with Sachin’s overall recovery and are hopeful that he will recover completely from such a grave injury in the next few days.

The episode also highlights the untold story of several athletes in India who have suffered a life-jolting spine injury, and failed to recover because of factors such as lack of adequate medical facilities, delay in referrals, and paucity of high quality spine surgeons.

SHOP DIGITALevery night from 8 to 9 with STAR CJ


Calling all Gadget freaks, whether you are one or you are just getting there, you will not want to miss this show. STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd. – India’s leading home shopping network announces its one of a kind dedicated program “Let’s Get Digital” that focuses purely on digital products. Now you can get to know all the features of your favorite gizmo before you buy it. SHOP DIGITAL anchors are well trained to guide the viewers through every usage/ feature of the products before purchase. The viewers can purchase the best brands at amazing prices. STAR CJ’s SHOP DIGITAL show will present customers with a detailed demo of various gadgets on its itinerary every night between 8 PM to 9 PM throughout February 2015.

STAR CJ’s flagship show called SHOP DIGITAL will feature products ranging from Mobiles, Tablets, Printers, Scanners, Projectors and the like, from some of the most reputed brands available in the market like I Ball, Videocon, Intex, HP, and Canon to name a few.

So, don’t miss your daily dose of the best gadgets at attractive prices only on STAR CJ’s SHOP DIGITAL show.

Now Stay Fit, Keep Others Fit With Fitgen’s Smart Activity Tracker


With the feature to connect with friends and family round-the-clock, dare members and beat fitness challenges together, Fitgen acts as the perfect motivator, enabler and companion in the goal to stay fit


New Delhi, 31st March 2015: Staying fit has become a popular jargon nowadays in the wake of increasing awareness on the advantages of leading a fit lifestyle. It is, however, a fact that while people are aware, they lack action to make it a reality. There remains a thin line to step to the other side, which many are not able to cross in the absence of motivation and willpower’.If you too have been struggling to bridge this fine gap, Fitgen has a solution in the form of its first-of-its-kind activity tracker, namely ‘Trek’, that not just makes you keep yourself fit, but also take care of your loved ones. The Fitgen device and its app help you connect with friends, family members and build fitness communities of preferred members wherein each one of them can track the activities of others and create challenges to tap onto the competitive spirit.

Fitgen Product - TREK

As it easily makes people measure their performance and compare it with that of others round-the-clock, the Fitgen product acts as a perfect ‘Motivator, Enabler and Companion’. Besides providing for the fun to connect with friends and family members for fitness sake, daring them and beating challenges together, the very important aspect it touches is of pushing the motivation level of people and keeping it intact.

“We realized that people in the initial phase are full of energy and are enthusiastic about their fitness programs and plans, but as time passes this seems to die down. Everything comes back to square one, resulting in the fitness resolutions to fall flat. After going deep into the reasons for the failure of sticking to the plans, we concluded that just motivation is not enough. We realized that what we cannot measure we cannot control. We also realized that when people worked together, the success rates were higher. We then thought of creating a product that addresses these issues. Our product helps you measure your activity and drives the motivation levels of people, while providing companionship in their goal to stay fit. With Fitgen one not only takes care of oneself, but also of their near and dear ones,” said Mr Anurag Malhotra, Chief Executive Officer, Fitgen Solutions.

The Fitgen device can be synchronized with the Fitgen app that can be downloaded on any phone supporting iOS or Andriod. All the data the activity tracker captures keeps getting updated on the app. The information is available on the wearable device as well and can be viewed any time. However, for detailed information, one can check the app and even create the profile page containing all information on oneself. People can feed details about the food consumed or to be consumed and measure the intake of calories and how much the body needs to burn to stay fit.

The device is fed with the goal of attaining 10,000 steps a day as it is believed that these numbers of steps are ideal to stay fit, though one can very well go beyond the figure. Not just steps, the tracker takes into account various movements of a person and accordingly makes him indulge in more activities. There are availability of graphical representation of the activities one takes for easy deciphering of numbers. Unlike foreign-made devices, the Fitgen app has

in-built Indian food menu, spanning from North to South India and from West to East India, along with continental delicacies for calculation of calories consumed.

Besides, Fitgen device users can send each other requests and add more people to create a community. With the help of the leader dashboard on the app, they can keep an eye on others’ performance and stay motivated. In a group, people can create challenges and dare others to achieve them. Fitgen device users also receive regular notifications on the percentage of goals achieved to keep people motivated at all times.

With your companion and motivator on your side, take the path of keeping yourself fit, alone or with others, as you like it! Connect with us on

SBI Life inaugurates an exclusive Area office “SBI Life Bhavan” in Aurangabad


Aurangabad, March 30, 2015: SBI Life has strategically expanded its Aurangabad Area office, with an independent premises aptly named as “SBI Life Bhavan” at plot no. 17, Welcome Nagar, Sutagiri Chowk, Aurangabad – 431001. The new building was inaugurated by Mr. Arijit Basu, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance, in the presence of Mr. Anand Pejawar, Executive Director, Marketing, SBI Life Insurance, Mr. Dibakar Mohanty, General Manager Network-III, State Bank of India – Mumbai Circle and Dr. V. S. Kumar, Regional Director, Mumbai Region, SBI Life Insurance.

Upbeat on its business in Aurangabad, this newly opened office is the 15th full services branch in Aurangabad and 71stin thye Mumbai region. Aurangabad Area contributed 21% to new business premium of Mumbai region YTD December 2014 and has sustained its share of 21% year on year.

Mr. Arijit Basu, MD & CEO, SBI Life Insurance, on the occasion, said “Our approach to being a customer centric organisation is further cemented with the inauguration of this new Area office at a dedicated premises, “SBI Life Bhavan”. This new premises will offer all products and services to our customers under one roof and is projected to be the one stop shop for all Life Insurance needs in Marathwada area.”

Speaking on the inauguration of this new branch office at Aurangabad, Mr. Anand Pejawar, Executive Director, Marketing, SBI Life Insurance said, “The opening of this Area office looking after the entire Marathwada operations is aimed to facilitate and provide better services to our existing customers, while offering unique Insurance solutions to potential clientele within the region.”

In Aurangabad, SBI Life distributes it’s products through over 2,000 strong and well trained Insurance Advisors (IAs) from 15 full-service SBI Life branches. In addition, SBI Life also reaches out to it’s customers through a huge network of over 300 bank branches of State Bank of India (SBI) and it’s 5 Associate Banks.

The city of Aurangabad is touted as a fast emerging destination with diverse industries such as automobiles, pharmaceuticals and financial services setting up base. In recent times, multi-national corporations have also invested heavily in the city’s infrastructure and manpower. It is considered the hub for unmatched talent potential and professional efficiencies that industries deem as necessary.

Health Care at Home Launches Post Surgical Care Service


Jaipur, March 28, 2015: To ease the lives of patients and their family members in case of a surgery, Health Care at Home (HCAH), India’s first hi-tech, documented, quality homecare service provider, has launched Post Surgical Care services in the city.

After a surgery, the post care is very essential as the patient becomes very frail and vulnerable to catch infections, sometimes complicating their condition. At hospitals, the chances of acquiring infections are higher due to the presence of several patients with varied health problems and the bugs there not being friendly ones as against those in the settings of one’s home.

“Recovery at home is far speedier if it happens in the comfortable confines of home, given the services provided are on a par with hospital. Recognizing its need and the hassles that patients have to bear when a family member is at hospital post a surgery, we planned to launch our post surgery care. Treating patients post surgery not only requires medical expertise but also demands an extremely sensitive approach on the part of the treatment providers. This is what we exactly do by bringing professional healthcare services to patients’ doorsteps, so that they do not have to go through the cumbersome routine of hospital stay and visits after a surgery,” said Vivek Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, HCAH.

Under its Post Surgical Care offering, HCAH provides multiple services like post-operative dressing, stitch removal and drain care, intravenous antibiotic therapy, vital signs monitoring, pain management and diet monitoring and nutritional counseling. Besides, HCAH also offers counseling to patients and their family members, as it is very important to boost the morale of the person who undergoes a surgery, given they feel low and weak, finding the recovery process difficult. Family members are told about the ways in which a patient should to be taken care of.

“We have specialized nurses who are skilled to deal with patients post a surgery, be it of any kind. They are trained in pain relief management, stitch removal and overall patient care. They very well understand the needs of patients and their family members, supporting them throughout the recovery process. The care provided by us matches the quality of any renowned hospital and so the patients are in safe hands. Patients recover faster when they are at home and around their family members. It gives a fillip to their confidence level to be back in shape quickly,” said Dr Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Services, HCAH.  

Homecare post surgical care service also helps the doctors of the patients to constantly monitor their patients’ condition. By keeping their doctors concerned always in the loop, HCAH ensures constant medical intervention and supervision to the patient without any interruption. The doctors have complete control over the treatment of the patients. HCAH provides extended reach to the patients’ doctors in conditions where the patients find it difficult to travel to the hospital. “Additionally, services provided by the company also free up doctors at the hospitals, making them available for other critical patients,” said Abhishek Malik, Unit Head, HCAH, Jaipur.



“There is a lot of scope for collaboration between India and France in the field of electronics”, said Dr Debapriya Dutta, Director, Indo-French Centre for the Promotion of Advanced Research (CEFIPRA). According to him, only 20 of the 472 joint Indo-French projects are in the field of electronics.

He was speaking at the first session of the Indo-French Workshop on Emerging Trends in Electron Modelling, which got underway in the Faculty Hall, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore. The event, jointly organised by the Indian Institute of Science and Institut supérieur d’électronique de Paris, France, and sponsored by CEFIPRA. The workshop aims to “bring the researchers from both countries together by providing them a common platform to exchange ideas, collaborate and work towards the next-generation electron device model development”.

Dr Jenifer Clark, Science Attaché at the French Consulate in Bangalore, in her welcome address, said, “India and France have a long history of collaboration in science and technology. This is best exemplified by the many joint satellites launched by the Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO) and the French Space Agency (CNES) over the last 50 years. She also mentioned that CEFIPRA, set up in 1987, is India’s first bilateral science and technology collaboration with any other country and the oldest such collaboration in the world.

Mathematical modeling of electron devices is an extremely important part of integrated circuit (IC) technology. It forms the bridge between two other important technologies, namely, circuit design and fabrication. Such computational models give valuable insights into the working of the device, and helps researchers fine tune performance, even before actually producing it. With devices getting smaller and smaller, several new phenomena crop up posing fresh challenges in device modeling. This workshop will see leading researchers from India and France, brainstorming possible solutions to these challenges.

Yogesh Chauhan, Assistant Professor at Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur, presented modeling aspects of a recently developed device called the ‘Fin Field Effect Transistor’. Usually called FinFET, they provide greater control of the device performance. He considered devices of size 10 nanometers and even smaller.

Raphael Clerc from University Jean Monnet talked about modeling of organic devices — transistors, solar cells and photodiodes. Thierry Poiroux, a research engineer at Laboratory for Electronics & Information Technology (CEA-LETI) in Grenoble, France, talked about modeling for FDSOI technology. Patrick Martin, also from CEA-LETI presented some examples of modeling for design of advanced analog integrated circuits including those that are used at ultra low temperatures (about -270 degree Celsius) in the Herschel Space Observatory, owned by European Space Agency, but now decommissioned. Experts at the workshop also deliberated on modelling approaches for new devices such as organic photodiodes, and Fully Depleted Silicon On Insulator (FDSOI) devices among others. These devices are likely to be used in consumer electronics in the coming decades.

STAR CJ introduces Home Power Laundry Hanger for all seasons

Star CJ - laundry hanger

STAR CJ Network India Pvt. Ltd, India’s leading home shopping network introduces Home Power Laundry Hanger.  Drying clothes is the biggest problem faced by people as most society members find it brings the value down. Home power laundry hanger is extremely portable which would help consumers dry their clothes inside the house. It is specifically designed to garner maxim from the wind blowing around, to dry your clothes naturally and rapidly. This magnificent product can be availed at Rs. 2199/- by calling the STAR CJ toll free number 1860-500-1860 or by visiting

The only alternative for people to dry their clothes within is to use a dryer, which can prove to be an expensive affair. Home power laundry hanger is not only efficient with its drying process but is also cost-effective as it is being offered at a mouth-watering price by STAR CJ and will not consume electricity like a dryer. The drying process is expedited in the hanger due to a specially designed ventilation system, developed by keeping the required gap between each piece of clothing and harnessing the wind blowing from all directions. Some of its other features include four step angle adjustment which helps in drying all types of laundry, one-touch lock for height adjustment, two adjustable hanger holder, fully adjustable shelf height, stainless steel/heavy duty resin construction and six rotating wheels for easy movement of the hanger. Home Power Laundry Hanger is here to help you enjoy the rains better!

Star CJ - laundry hanger 2



Vijaya Bank – A prime nationalized Bank on 26thMarch 2015 opened its 1600th Branch in Babusapalya, Bangalore. The 1600th Branch was inaugurated by Sri Kishore Sansi, Managing Director & Chief Executive Officer in presence of Executive Directors of the Bank, Sri K R Shenoy and Sri B S Rama Rao.


Sri Kishore Sansi addressing the customers reiterated the commitment of the Bank to provide convenient banking services by opening more number of branches across the country. He also stressed upon the wide array of innovative services and products offered by the Vijaya bank to cater to the banking needs of various sections of society.

 As part of Bank’s CSR initiatives on the occasion, the MD & CEO of the Bank donated school bags to  students of a local government school and utensils were donated to another  government school in the locality.

On the occasion large number of customers and well wishers were present.

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