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The count-down to the New Year has begun. And what better way to mark the run-up to the New Year than partying! For many, the party look has already been finalized and they are raring to go out there and celebrate putting their best foot and look forward.

However, there are a few others seeking last-minute help to enter those parties in style. Hairline International has offerings just to cater to the needs of these people who are hard-pressed for time.

With some of these products from Hairline, you can be party-ready in a few days, and hop between parties with confidence.

At the same time, you can also be assured that these products are all FDA approved. Ms. Bani Anand, Managing Director, Hairline international says, “Treatments at Hairline are all approved by the FDA and conducted under the supervision of certified doctors. We have the most advanced technology coupled with the latest equipment to carry out the procedures”.

A ‘good’ hair day

This product which could give party-hoppers a new look for the party season. One could go in for an instant hair lengthening exercise just for the festivities! The hair extensions can be real or synthetic in nature, based on your preference, and will be placed on your scalp in a way that they blend naturally. You can up your glamour quotient by opting for varying colour shades.

For those who want to avoid the harmful effects of bleaching or colouring, highlighted hair extensions would be the best bet! Available in different colours — blondes, browns, copper, red to purple, these can be instantly merged with existing hair to give you a fabulous make-over.

Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, bad eating habits and, of course, pollution have all contributed to many hair-related problems like hair loss, thinning hair etc for many people. Hairline helps address these issues by altering the frontal hairline with shaped hairstyling like fringes or bangs.

People can now go in for these, style them on their own and get the look they desire for the party. They can leave it ragged or ruffled, spike it up with gel, sweep them to the side or just leave it to fall over the eyes.

Care for the skin

Who wouldn’t want a glowing skin while attending a party! Hairline has a facial glow/skin polishing process for those who want glowing skin in an instant. This process combines facial massage, microdermabrasion (MDA) and Vitamin C serum application to give the tired skin that beautiful glow. The massage stimulates acupressure points, relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation. The MDA process gets rid of the superficial dead layer of the skin, followed by an application of Vitamin C serum, a rich antioxidant that works on skin healing.

For those who want a bright skin, Hairline offers a lactic acid peel. This mild peel works on getting rid of the superficial layer of dead skin and instantly lightens up the pigmented or tanned area, and reduces open pores. The result: a younger healthy looking, glowing skin in just about 15 minutes.

Getting rid of that holiday tan just got easier! To get your skin tone back to its original form, go for tan removal treatments, where Glycolic and TCA PEELS help restore the natural colour of your skin on the face, neck, back and arms.

Pay attention to your body

Want to get into your party dress and also look fit? Hairline’s Instant Inch Loss programme could be the answer for your quest to get rid of your excess fat. Transion, an advanced European device, helps convert fat cells into energy and spending 20 minutes on this device could give you the same benefits you would enjoy after a 3-hour-long rigorous exercise. The result is palpable even after the first session – you will lose about 3-4 cm in just one session.

To have a well-toned body and look, Hairline offers a 20-minute session with Isogei, a European technology based machine that works on muscle toning and firming. Bring down your double chin, firm up facial muscles and revise wrinkles and fine lines. Isogei offers a surgical alternative to facelifts, breast lifts and buttock lifts.

Want to get rid of all the unwanted body hair without enduring any pain? Go in for Hairline’s Laser Hair Reduction systems, and permanently remove unwanted body hair on the face, arms, legs, back and even the bikini line etc with long-term effect. These are done under the guidance of certified doctors.

For that groomed man!

It’s not just the women who would benefit from the instant makeover solutions. Men who are concerned about their receding hairline can go in for hair toupees, which offer an instant solution to the problem. You could even get a customized toupee, matching your hair colour exactly, for you ready in a short time.​