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January 2015

Correct Shape of Lips and Let it Last Long

Dr. Indu

Thin, uneven lips can be hid from public view with the help of lipsticks and liners. But the impermanence of it is disheartening. Dermal fillers can now make your lips stay in perfect shape for a long time now, writes Dr Indu Ballani, Dermatologist, Delhi.

How many times are you complimented for Julia Roberts-like pout. The lucky few might have been sometimes, while others must have been gasping to have such fuller, poutier lips. But who has all the luck on this earth?

A lot of people have shape issues with their lips — they are either too thin or the V-curve is missing or there is some unevenness in the shape. When lips are an important facial feature and can dramatically change the way a person looks, there is an increased willingness among people to have perfectly shaped lips.

The trend to add some volume to lips and alter its shape is fast catching up with men too. To flaunt the pout is gaining feverish pitch in metro cities where people are doing their every bit possible to look good. The corporatized environment, in which good personality earns a person some brownie points, has fuelled such demands.

Pouty lips had long been a craze among women. It, however, has now become an in-thing in men too. Women every now and then give their lips a plump look with the help of lipsticks or correct the shape with lip liners. But how far does that last? Once the lipstick is clear, the original shape is back to public view. This is the moment when you feel embarrassed and long for having the pout you always try to fake. But how?

Relax! You too can have those fuller lips. And if you think you will have to put yourself under a scalpel or undergo some tricky procedure that goes on for hours, then let your worries rest.

Modern day dermal filler Restylane does the wonder in just some minutes and in a very simple way. What more! This is not an effect that would last a few days. The fullness and softness that come with the hydrophilic hyaluronic acid (that promotes water retention and absorption) stays for up to a year.

A hyaluronic acid based filler, Restylane when injected into the lips, it redefines them giving them a fresh new shape as well as volume. Restylane filler is often used to get more pronounced, pouty lips. In case there is some shape problem, it too can be addressed with Restylane. It is injected over the uneven portion to bring it to alignment with overall shape of lips, giving it a flawless look.

So the next time, you see anybody with those luscious lips which are in perfect shape, do not worry you too can flaunt the same launches its Second Store in Hyderabad at Forum Sujana Mall! Launches its second store  in Hyderabad, India’s first and largest online retailer of diamond solitaires and precious jewellery launched its second brick and mortar store in Hyderabad at Forum Sujana Mall.  The hi-tech store will exhibit an array of solitaire, diamond jewellery and CaratLane’s signature collections of precious jewellery. This store has been designed to encourage “browsing”, similar to shopping on a website, and is equipped with several touch screens and tablets that showcase CaratLane’s stunning collections.

With the rising density of experienced jewellery buyers as well as tech-savvy customers, that has made launch its second store in Hyderabad showcasing an assortment of diamond jewellery making it the ultimate shopping nirvana.

Hyderabad Store Address: -CaratLane Store, Unit No 15, Upper Ground Floor, Forum Sujana Mall, Opposite Malaysian Township, KPBH, Kukatpally, Hyderabad, Telangana-500072.

Mahatma Gandhi’s statue unveiled by Shri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi at Brigade Gateway Campus

Gandhi 2

Bangalore, January 30, 2015:  Bangalore based real estate major Brigade Group has made meaningful contributions towards community building over the years and the latest contribution is that of installing an iconic bronze statue of the ‘Father of the Nation’ Mahatma Gandhi, today at the Brigade Gateway campus.

The statue of Mahatma Gandhi was unveiled by Shri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and Governor of West Bengal from 2004 to 2009. Padma Vibhushan Dr. K Kasturirangan and M.R. Jaishankar, CMD of Brigade Group presided over the occasion.

Shri. Gopalkrishna Gandhi the grandson of Mahatma Gandhi and Governor of West Bengal said, “​Mahatma Gandhi said no violence no hatred. People have to remember him as a man of courage. Today we see sectarian hatred among us.  To save others life Gandhiji gave his life.Terrorism is not against any religion, its against humanity.Gandhiji always stood with the weak and gave them assurance.  This is secularism.Gandhi belongs to a place where he is believed. He is believed here today.

​”Brigade Gateway is an apt location for such an iconic installation as it is one of the most integrated enclaves in an urban city centre and attracts over 20 million visitors every year. With the World Trade Centre Bangalore, Sheraton Bangalore Hotel and Orion Mall in the same campus, Brigade Gateway campus sees visitors from across the country and around the world. The 11 foot installation will serve as a constant reminder all these visitors for generations to come about Mahatma Gandhi’s leadership and sacrifice towards the creation of a free India and his principles of non-violence which are very relevant today.

Commenting on the unveiling of the statue, Mr. M.R. Jaishankar, Chairman and Managing Director, Brigade Group, said, “The installation of Mahatma Gandhi’s statute at the iconic Brigade Gateway campus is our humble tribute to Mahatma Gandhiji, who united millions of Indians and led them to achieve the impossible. While the world is shaken by acts of violence and hatred, we feel it is time for us to follow the principles of non-violence that Mahatma Gandhi preached and practiced.”

Gelato Italiano’s Flavors of the Month – Strawberry Chocolate Cream

Gelato_FOM Feb Poster-A4_White_BG

February 2015: With love in the air, Gelato Italiano brings to you the new flavour of the month. Celebrate this Valentine’s Day indulging in the sinful Strawberry Chocolate Cream. This love season get lost in a fusion of strawberry and chocolate.

Strawberry Chocolate Cream is a unique blend of rich crema with luscious strawberry and decadent chocolate to make it a pleasurable treat for sheer indulgence. Hurry and enjoy this succulent flavor of the month by at Gelato Italiano outlets across the city. 

Celebrate love with this new flavour for an exciting price of Rs.15/- in a cup and for Rs. 20/- in a cone across all Gelato Italiano outlets on the 1st February only

100% vegetarian indulge in this dessert, guilt free at an outlet near you. Available across all Gelato Italiano outlets in New Delhi-NCR, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and Cochin.

Get a Hairline makeover this festive season

HL 3

The count-down to the New Year has begun. And what better way to mark the run-up to the New Year than partying! For many, the party look has already been finalized and they are raring to go out there and celebrate putting their best foot and look forward.

However, there are a few others seeking last-minute help to enter those parties in style. Hairline International has offerings just to cater to the needs of these people who are hard-pressed for time.

With some of these products from Hairline, you can be party-ready in a few days, and hop between parties with confidence.

At the same time, you can also be assured that these products are all FDA approved. Ms. Bani Anand, Managing Director, Hairline international says, “Treatments at Hairline are all approved by the FDA and conducted under the supervision of certified doctors. We have the most advanced technology coupled with the latest equipment to carry out the procedures”.

A ‘good’ hair day

This product which could give party-hoppers a new look for the party season. One could go in for an instant hair lengthening exercise just for the festivities! The hair extensions can be real or synthetic in nature, based on your preference, and will be placed on your scalp in a way that they blend naturally. You can up your glamour quotient by opting for varying colour shades.

For those who want to avoid the harmful effects of bleaching or colouring, highlighted hair extensions would be the best bet! Available in different colours — blondes, browns, copper, red to purple, these can be instantly merged with existing hair to give you a fabulous make-over.

Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, bad eating habits and, of course, pollution have all contributed to many hair-related problems like hair loss, thinning hair etc for many people. Hairline helps address these issues by altering the frontal hairline with shaped hairstyling like fringes or bangs.

People can now go in for these, style them on their own and get the look they desire for the party. They can leave it ragged or ruffled, spike it up with gel, sweep them to the side or just leave it to fall over the eyes.

Care for the skin

Who wouldn’t want a glowing skin while attending a party! Hairline has a facial glow/skin polishing process for those who want glowing skin in an instant. This process combines facial massage, microdermabrasion (MDA) and Vitamin C serum application to give the tired skin that beautiful glow. The massage stimulates acupressure points, relaxes the muscles and increases blood circulation. The MDA process gets rid of the superficial dead layer of the skin, followed by an application of Vitamin C serum, a rich antioxidant that works on skin healing.

For those who want a bright skin, Hairline offers a lactic acid peel. This mild peel works on getting rid of the superficial layer of dead skin and instantly lightens up the pigmented or tanned area, and reduces open pores. The result: a younger healthy looking, glowing skin in just about 15 minutes.

Getting rid of that holiday tan just got easier! To get your skin tone back to its original form, go for tan removal treatments, where Glycolic and TCA PEELS help restore the natural colour of your skin on the face, neck, back and arms.

Pay attention to your body

Want to get into your party dress and also look fit? Hairline’s Instant Inch Loss programme could be the answer for your quest to get rid of your excess fat. Transion, an advanced European device, helps convert fat cells into energy and spending 20 minutes on this device could give you the same benefits you would enjoy after a 3-hour-long rigorous exercise. The result is palpable even after the first session – you will lose about 3-4 cm in just one session.

To have a well-toned body and look, Hairline offers a 20-minute session with Isogei, a European technology based machine that works on muscle toning and firming. Bring down your double chin, firm up facial muscles and revise wrinkles and fine lines. Isogei offers a surgical alternative to facelifts, breast lifts and buttock lifts.

Want to get rid of all the unwanted body hair without enduring any pain? Go in for Hairline’s Laser Hair Reduction systems, and permanently remove unwanted body hair on the face, arms, legs, back and even the bikini line etc with long-term effect. These are done under the guidance of certified doctors.

For that groomed man!

It’s not just the women who would benefit from the instant makeover solutions. Men who are concerned about their receding hairline can go in for hair toupees, which offer an instant solution to the problem. You could even get a customized toupee, matching your hair colour exactly, for you ready in a short time.​

From 100 sqft. to over 25000 sqft. and counting! The incredible journey of TaxiForSure continues…

TaxiForSure - 19000 sq.ft Office space

29 January, 2015: TaxiForSure, the Bangalore-based taxi aggregator that saw a humble beginning in a 100 sqft garage-equivalent room, has just moved to their swanky new corporate office that boasts of a 19000 sq.ft office space along with 4500 sqft of cafeteria. Today, the company not only celebrates this key milestone, but also marks it’s headway into 40 cities in the country backed by a 1500 member strong team. All this in a short-span of 3 years…

Every inch of the new office is reflective of the brand’s personality. It’s fun, transparent, vibrant, and energetic; and has something for every individual working at TaxiForSure. The open office adds to the personality. Co-founders Raghu and Aprameya share the same bay as that of the strategy team and the COO. The CTO is in midst of the excitement of the product and technology team, the CMO is part of the buzzing marketing team and thanks to no cubicles and separate offices for leaders, the office is one large zone of energy and activity!

Speaking about the new office, Raghunandan G, CEO & Co-founder, TaxiForSure, said, “We wouldn’t have been able to make it this far without the enthusiasm and passion of our people. While we are happy to see so many new faces amongst us, it’s also heartening to have as many familiar faces in the office as well. This indicates that we have been doing the right things to be able to retain as well attract great talent! The vibrancy of our new office is indeed a reflection of our people and I’m looking forward to crossing many more milestones with the team here!”

Aprameya R, Director & Co-founder, TaxiForSure, said, “It just seems like yesterday when Raghu and I would wait for the phone to ring for our service. From then to now, the fact that we have provided over 5 million rides just goes to show that an idea can touch several lives when it is powered by the right energies of the right kind of people! We are happy to have all the employees from our corporate office under one roof and provide the right platform to ideate and execute strategies.”

Bright colours, ample sunlight and great fun posters across the office ensure the environment is not dull for even a moment. From funky meeting rooms to a bean bag room, TaxiForSure employees have many more reasons to huddle and think big! And if an employee does feel the need to unwind they can indulge in good food, soak in lots of sunshine, play games or take that quick nap in the bunk beds

The new corporate office is located on the 3rd floor of Salarpuria Tower 2,Koramangala in Bangalore. All the creatives have been managed and created internally at TaxiForSure and there are many interesting nuances for employees and visitors to discover as they explore the new office space.

For more information visit Download the mobile app from

OSIM Introduces uShape – Shape Your Body with Ease

OSIM introduces uShape, a full-body vibration exerciser that helps to burn off calories efficiently. The uShape, also known as whole body exercise vibration training, is designed to achieve a whole body workout with little effort and time, making it perfect for the time-poor urban dwellers.

uShape product

The uShape provides strong vibrations to the whole body with stand sit or hold varying positions such as squat, push up, lunge etc. These strong vibrations cause rapid contractions to all muscles that are being exercised, making it an easier and more effective way to get a full-body workout. This results in increased muscle strength, improved flexibility and improved blood circulation which encourage the body to burn upto 136 Calories in 10 minutes, resulting in an increased metabolism. Moreover, it helps to reduce the appearance of cellulite and also helps in achieving effective shaping and toning of the whole body.

Choose from a total of 9 convenient full body work outs (3auto programs X 3 standing position) according to your needs. The 3 auto programs are specially design to tone and shape your body in progressive levels.

The uShape offers you the flexibility of customizing your workout the way you want it. Choose from a manual selection of 10 speeds for a high frequency, efficiency calorie-burning workout. Intensify your workout routine with the resistance card system that allow for versatile strength and body conditioning.

The sleek, slim and mobile design of the uShape allows you to store it under the bed or sofa when not in use and the wheel caster on the side allows moving it effortlessly to any place around the house. With the remote control in your hands, you can select and customize your workout options easily and conveniently with the touch of a button. Shaping up has just gotten easier with the OSIM uShape, an effective indoor exerciser in the convenience and comfort of your home.

OSIM uShape is priced at Rs. 55000/- (Octroi extra in Maharashtra).For further information please log on to 

The All-New Sporty Hatchback BOLT from Tata Motors, Launched in Bangalore


Bangalore, January 28, 2015: Tata Motors today announced the commercial launch of its much-awaited sporty hatchback, the all-new Bolt. Manufactured at the Pimpri plant in Pune, Bolt is the latest car from the company, under its Horizonext umbrella and offers many segment-defining features for Design, Drivability and Connectivity.

The Bolt is launched at a starting price of INR 4.50 Lakhs, ex-showroom, Bangalore, for the Revotron (petrol) 1.2T and starts at INR 5.59 Lakhs, ex-showroom, Bangalore, for the diesel variant. The car will be available for sale, across the country in over 450 Tata Motors sales outlets from today.

Health Care at Home conducts health camp for marginalized and mentally retarded people at NGO


New Delhi, Jan 27, 2015: Furthering its commitment towards social causes, Health Care at Home (HCAH), India’s first hi-tech, documented, quality homecare service provider, conducted a health camp for the occupants of a non-governmental organization (NGO) which houses mentally retarded people and destitutes to make them feel a part of the society and cared for.

During the camp, HCAH experts checked their blood pressure and body mass index (BMI) and provided physiotherapy, nutrition and psychological counselling services. The 200 occupants of the NGO — Earth Saviours Foundation — are either mentally retarded, physically challenged or homeless. They have found shelter in the NGO, which consistently works to improve the lives of the people.

“As an organization we are committed to social causes and have been conducting camps which create awareness about health-related issues and help out marginalized people. We conduct such camps time to time as part of our corporate social responsibility (CSR). When government is going all out to bring the downtrodden and the poor in the mainstream, it is our responsibility to work alongside it and support it in its endeavor. As a healthcare company, we have been organizing health camps for the poor and awareness workshops on hygiene in schools in various cities,” said Vivek Srivastava, Chief Executive Officer, HCAH.

Occupants of these NGOs often feel deserted and suffer from bouts of depression and loneliness.  The HCAH experts interacted with them and offered psychological help to those feeling low in life. They were also taught exercises by HCAH physiotherapists to remain fit and active.  

 “Each member of HCAH team was profoundly touched by this initiative. The team members have become emotionally more receptive towards the realities of health and care in a metro city like Delhi. We believe that while government does its job in providing affordable healthcare to people at large, HCAH will keep on helping out people with its expertise and make the poorest sections of the society benefit from its initiatives. We are also planning to do many such events across Chandigarh, Jaipur and Bangalore,” said Gaurav Thukral, Head Medical Services, HCAH.

 The HCAH and health experts employees also served lunch to the people at the NGO, making them feel good and a part of society. The camp was led by Amit Kapoor, Unit Head Delhi, and conducted by HCAH employees Puneet Waddan , Akansh Gaur and Kanika Malhotra.

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