And it is yours to keep

Mumbai, November 28, 2014: Amidst head honchos and avid readers, Gopika and Mohit Kapoor launched their latest book, ‘Spiritual Success’ published by Hay House India at Crossword Book Store, Kemps Corner with Sculptor Arzan Khambatta, Art of Living teacher Rachit Garg and Executive Coach Rajeev Raju.

Spiritual Success is Gopika’s fourth book and Mohit’s debut. The book, with its very inspiring words, breaks down the pre-conceived notions of the word ‘success’ and redefines and simplifies it. “For me, true spiritual success implies doing something – anything from baking a cake to completing a 10,000 word book – so well, efficiently and thoroughly, that I get tremendous joy and satisfaction from the act itself, and do not have to worry about the result. Then the outcome does not matter as I am already successful having done my job well”, said Gopika Kapoor, whose previous three books ‘Spiritual Parenting, ‘Spiritual Pregnancy’ and ‘Spiritual Relationships’ have all been best-sellers.

“Spiritual Success to me is a state of mindfulness and that point of realisation when I know that I have everything I need at the present moment, and much more. It is a feeling of abundance and gratitude that all is well and just as it should be,” said Mohit Kapoor, Founding Partner Universal Legal Advocates and Life Coach. “This book has been the culmination of an internal journey, during which I have moved from a senseless pursuit of worldly ideas and symbols of success to questioning what success truly means to me.”

“The first and most important aspect of the new book ‘Spiritual Success’ is its simplicity. It definitely is one of the most comprehensive and easy reading life  guides I have ever come across. What adds to the value of the book, are the personal first-hand experiences that they have shared with the readers, hence strengthening the message of spiritual success. The valuable wisdom, this book imparts, if practiced sincerely can give the reader a tremendous upper hand in the roughest of work environments and beyond,” said Sculptor, Arzan Khambatta.

“Success to me is not a Big Bang event or achievement in one’s life time. Success to me is every single moment of feeling influential. It is convincing the board to approve a proposal.  Winning over colleagues on an idea or initiative, building trust with the boss, inspiring your team, wooing your wife to a dinner out, and cajoling your kids to finish breakfast quickly. All of these events define how ‘successful’ you are!  A good day is when all your stakeholders agree with, approve of, obey, follow, support, believe and admire you.

This to me is Success, unconditionally, A book that is written simply and is written from one’s heart strikes an instant connect with me. Spiritual Success is a page turner, light and practical.  Gopika and Mohit have carefully interwoven anecdotes that strike home the point with relevant visuals. As a coach, I found over a dozen, immediately recognizable instances I encountered while coaching leaders.  That reiterated how important emotional intelligence is for success in life, and at work. Anyone looking for a try-it-yourself experience should surely not miss this one,” shared Rajeev Raju, Founder and Coach at Gravitas Consulting.

“For me, success means being at peace with myself, being able to make a difference in the society, inspire and motivate others to do their best and being content with what is given to me. Success means harmonious relationships and an ability to carry a smile through thick and thin.  As for what I thought about the book, I think it is a right dose at the right time for many out there who are running the rat race at a very fast pace only to realise they may not be moving ahead as far as attaining spiritual solace is concerned. The book is a great wake up call to pause, reflect, introspect and begin to derive a much higher meaning from one’s life than may be the case right now and the book does so through providing extremely simple yet profound tools. A must for everyone especially in the corporate world,” said Rachit Garg, Director of Dermatology at Janssen (Johnson & Johnson) and Art of Living teacher