Dr Ranjan Upadhyaya, Dermatologist, Desmoderm skin clinic, Delhi


It is a centuries-old tradition of decking up your hands with patterns of deftly crafted artistic designs but it never fails to excite. The sight of a henna cone is always attractive for a woman and festivals are just the right excuse to display your beautifully patterned hands.

While you do everything to make sure your henna color turns out to be the darkest — applying clove oil and lemon –what about the hands themselves? Why not make your hands the most beautiful part of your body before colored patterns leave them all the more striking.

Mostly for women, their face their only skincare focus with all their beauty regimen revolving around it. No wonder, hands often become the most prominent giveaways when it comes to betraying your age or displaying the damage caused on skin due to daily wear and tear.

The hands are parts of the body that we expose to a lot of wear and tear, by frequent use of soap & detergents and exposing to sun light. These stresses contribute to skin dryness when the natural fat in the skin barrier is diminished. And while we take care of the needs of our face, we only seldom extend our regimen to the hands.

This year, as you gear up to celebrate Navratri, get all decked up in a lehnga- chunni with henna on your palms, and dance to the tunes of Garba and Dandiya, make sure your hands look beautiful like never before. A session with Restylane Vital skinboosters can give perfect beauty radiance to your hands.

“Women often come to us expressing displeasure at the way their hands look. Even when their faces are radiant as ever, their hands would look dull, pale and wrinkled with veins protruding out. While a regular regime of manicure would be needed every two months and would consume time, a brief session with Restylane Vital skinboosters would give wonderful results, replenishing the lost beauty of the hands from within. What more, the impact of the procedure lasts for almost a year.

Using microinjections, stabilized hyaluronic acid is implanted into the outer layers of the skin and works naturally to hydrate the skin from within. Restylane Vital Skinboosters is a new age therapy that moisturizes the skin from within and replenished the lost reserves of moisture as hyaluronic acid is a hydrophilic substance that attracts water and helps retain moisture into the skin. This not only makes the hands look younger, but also more beautiful and bright. It diminishes appearance of veins, improves skin tone and luster, restores hydrobalance and increases skin elasticity.

Experts say men and women often ignore their hands and neck, when it comes to their beauty regimes. Often we even fail to follow the basic minimum routine of moisturizer and sunscreen when it comes to hands.

The skin on the back of your hands is different from the skin in the palm of your hands. There are no hair follicles in the palm of your hands and the skin is thicker, which makes the skin on the underside more resistant to wear and tear. However, this is not so for the back of the hands, which start looking aged and wrinkled earlier.

“As the trend of looking young and beautiful spreads, women today are inarguably becoming more concerned about their hands. Some are extremely particular about ensuring regular manicure routines to push the signs of ageing, others are open to cosmetic procedures to reverse the signs. Unlike the face, making hands look younger is more difficult given the thinness of the skin at the back of the hands. However, a session with Restylane Vital can drastically change the way your hands look. Especially when you are preparing to flaunt a beautiful finger ring or henna.

When used on the face, Restylane Vital can bring your lost glow back and give your skin a perfect hydrated look. The loss of hyaluronic acid is one of the most important causes of wear and tear and lack of elasticity that our skin shows. Once replenished into the skin, it works just the way it would work naturally to bring glow and radiance back to your face.