New Strawberry Surprize Ice Cream (1)

National, September, 2014:This September, it’s the time for indulging in our delicious and scrumptious new flavor of the month “New strawberry Surprize”.

Gelato Italiano presents you the new flavor of the month, which is a perfect blend of the lip-smacking flavours of Crema, Strawberry Whole crush and chocolate chips which are sprinkled on the top. This gelato will leave you with a experience you will crave for everyday of the month.

This exciting gelato flavor is available for Rs 15/- per scoop only and Rs.120/- only for family Tub on 1st September and for the rest of the month it is priced at Rs.  60

Available at all Gelato Italiano outlets in Mumbai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kolkata, Bangalore, Chennai and  New Delhi & NCR