INNOVA Hydrate Shampoo 100ml

All of us have read the fairy tale of Rapunzel who had strong and long silky hair and her prince charming used it as a rope to climb up the tower to meet her. When we read the story as a child, we all dreamt of having such strong and silky hair but somewhere as we grew up, the practicalities of life and stress etc., took the shine out of the hair and the dream out of our minds! But no anymore.. Indola brings the answer to have strong and beautiful hair with its latest offering – the Hydrate Shampoo & Hydrate Spray Conditioner in Indian market.

Indola Hydrate Shampoo is loaded with the goodness of essential bamboo milk, sweet Almond Oil and moisturizing Pro-Vitamin B5. The product has been available in the international markets and has been appreciated by millions worldwide. Now, the Indian lasses too can savor the magic of this product, along with the senoritas, dames and ladies of the western world.

With German Professional Hair Care and well researched formula, Indola has come up with this product which is suitable for dehydrate hair. This therapeuticshampoo is suitable for normal to dry hair. So don’t worry whether your hair is curly, dry or dehydrated, this shampoo will blow a magical life into them.

Mr. Nitin Manchanda the Technical Head Indola says, ‘’ during monsoons, hair tends to get frizzy all the time, which may lead to various hair issues. Regular use of Hydrate shampoo and conditioner is the best way to control your curly, dry and frizzy hair. This world class formula helps to restore hair’s natural moisture, brilliance, and elasticity, and makes it bouncy and lovable. You will fall in love with your hair and everyone around you will not miss looking at you twice. ’’

The Indola Hydrate Shampoo is available in 100ml pack and is priced at Rs 149/-. and Innova Hydrate Bi-Phase Conditioner is available in 100ml pack priced at Rs 215/-.