Bengaluru Continues winning streak

 In a clash of Titans, Bull’s Ajay Thakur and Paltan’s Wazir Singh end as top raiders

Mumbai, 27th July 2014: It was the game made for the raiders, with two of the Star Sports Pro Kabaddi Star raiders, Bengaluru Bulls’s Ajay Thakur taking on Puneri Paltan’s Wazir Singh. While the Bulls charged in with the confidence of a win from opening night, the Paltans, came in strong with the hope of fresh legs carrying them on. The crowd however, had no preferences, with NSCI packed to their brims, the noise level at the stadium made it apparent the game would be the ultimate winner, whoever took home the prize tonight. Winning the toss and choosing to raid from the right, the teams kept the scores level predominantly through the first half, with captain and star raider of the Paltans, Wazir Singh coming in at the 11 minute to gain a massive 5 points – the most for the night. However, the Bulls did not back down reacting by sending in their star raider, Ajay Thakur, who stepped in to bring the Bulls to a significant 6 point lead and earn them their first of two LONA points for the night. However, scores at the end of first-half were proof of the teams being an equal match, reading 23-21 to the Paltans with both teams scoring 2 LONA points each.

 Both teams entered their second half, with the same confidence and energy that was prevalent through the first 20 minutes and translated it to their game, keeping the match close and providing the entertainment Bombay was hoping for. The Bengaluru Captain’s aggression however earned him the only Green Card for the night, penalized for a violation of rules.

At the end of 29 minutes, it was synchronicity, with scores tied at 29 a piece, but the Paltans stepped up their game to earn their first of two ‘all-out’ points at the end of 32 minutes. While the game continued head to head, Bengaluru Bulls emerged as victors with a miniscule 3 point lead, with Ajay Thakur emerging as anticipated top raider with 15 raids only equaled by feared opponent Wazir Singh. 

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