Bangalore, June 18th, 2014: Hairline International, Bangalore-based Hair Research and Treatment Center has launched AntiGray – a herbal nutrition supplement, to combat premature graying.This cosmeceutical initiative has been developed after extensive research by Hairline and is manufactured by Siri 4 life pharmaceutical company.

Speaking on the launch of AntiGrayMs.BaniAnand, Founder and Managing Director, Hairline International Research and Treatment Centersays, “Hairline International has always been a front-runner in hair and skin related research and revolutionary treatments. AntiGray is based on extensive research carried out for a period of a year across 3 cities, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi and clinical trials for 8 months with effect from October 2013. It is with these insights and our understanding of the benefits of natural ingredients that we have created this unique product that is suitable to all age groups and people.”

Research on premature graying:Premature graying is an internationally debated subject among the members of the medical community. It has raised issues related to ageing such as it being the marker of early ageing of organs and thus premature morbidity and mortality.Owing to this, Hairline International Research & Treatment Center conducted an extensive year-long research from Jan 1, 2013 and Dec 31, 2013 to assess the extent of premature graying in the country.


Speaking about the research on premature graying,Dr.SwagataChakrabarty, Dermatologist, Hairline International Research & Treatment Centersays “AntiGray is formulated based on the observational study conducted by Hairline International, Hair Research and Treatment Centeracross 3 cities, Bangalore, Mumbai and Delhi. The study was conducted on 2000 patients with the primary aim of identifying the age group of those who are graying currently and their lifestyle patterns. It also aimed to identify causes of graying. Out of the 2000 subjects 34% were females and 66% were males.We found that more than 1000 patients of the 2000 were in the below 25 years age group which is nearly 50% of the patients. This is the age group which falls under ‘premature graying’ category.”

Some of the key observations from this study were: ·        99% of the 1000 premature grayingpatients were in the age group of 15 years-25 years. 10 patients were below 15 years – 2 patients were 7 and 9 years respectively, but they have been excluded for the purpose of this study. ·        More than 50% of premature graying patients were still studying in high school/ colleges/ vocational institutes ·        92% of the 1000 patients were unmarried ·        The percentage of patients graying prematurely has grown by nearly 30% in the last 2 years across Bangalore, Delhi and Mumbai ·        98.1% patients were found to be deficient in Vitamin D.  85.4% patients had low Ferretin levels. ·        57.2% patients were deficient in calcium and  13.6% patients had high cholesterol ·        6.36% of them had insulin resistance (HOMAIR more than 2.7).  12.7% patients had vitamin B12 deficiency ·        1.8% had hypothyroidism. ·        Almost all the patients had sedentary life style with high stress levels, late nights either working or socialising, junk food intake and into the habit of smoking and consuming alcohol. ·        Females, when questioned about their lifestyle also revealed stress as a common factor. Along with premature graying they also complained of thin hair and widened hair partition. 

How Anti Gray works:

Explaining about the product formulation Dr.Dinesh D Gowda, Dermatosurgeon, Hairline International says Treatment of premature graying depends on the cause of graying. With this research, Hairline International has been able to create a product like Anti Gray that will help arrest premature graying.” “Each capsule of AntiGrayis a proprietary blend of ingredients. It contains a combination of herbal ingredients such as Neem, Amla, Eclipta Alba and Murray Koenigi. It also contains trace elements like Ferrous Fumarate, Calcium, Selenium and Zinc. It includes probiotics and organic acids like PABA and Vitamin B complexes, Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin D and CaPantothenate,” explained Dr Gowda.

AntiGray arrests premature graying, dandruff and hair loss. Its herbal formulation ensures that every strand of hair is cared for internally. It also helps maintain a healthy scalp and keeps androgenic alopecia at bay. It does this by enhancing the immune system of the body.

Clinical trials:

Hairline has also conducted clinical trials of AntiGrayon 25 patients from October 2013. The patients were asked to consume the supplement and also apply the serum externally. Dosage depended upon the extent of graying. 

“Out of the 25 patients, atleast 40% patients have shown nearly 50% reversal of graying where 2 to 3 strands out of 5 strands of gray hair have turned to the original colour”claims Dr.DineshGowda.

“Long term results of course depend upon consumption of proper dosage and changing dietary habits to include natural sources of vitamins and minerals,” concluded Dr Gowda.

Anti Gray is currently available at all Hairline outlets and can also be purchased online from the Hairline website.

About Hairline International Research and Treatment Center: Hairline International Research and Treatment Centercarries out extensive research in the field of hair and skin. Hairline also brings state-of-the-art international procedures, machinery and treatment packages to deal with hair, skin and beauty issues across the spectrum for men and women. Hairline has medical as well as beauty professionals for carrying out all procedures at their five centres in Indiranagar, Whitefield, Jayanagar, RT Nagar and Marathhalli.


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