The Board of Directors of Vijaya Bank today approved the working results of the Bank for the quarter/nine months ended 31st December 2013 which were subjected to Limited Review.





Total business reached an all time high level of

 Rs.187935 crore


Deposits up by 29%

Advances  up by 12%

Total income up by 22%

Gross NPA at 2.67%

Net NPA at 1.57%

Provision coverage ratio at 66.08%




v  B Business grew by 22%(YoY) from Rs. 154320 cr for the period ended December 31, 2012 to Rs.187935 cr for the period ended December 31, 2013.

v        Deposits increased from Rs.89315 cr as on December 31, 2012 to Rs. 114835 cr as on December 31, 2013 registering a growth of 29%(YoY).

v        Advances increased from Rs.65005 cr as on December 31, 2012 to Rs. 73100 cr as on December 31, 2013, up by 12%(YoY).


v  O Of the Advances,

o   Priority Sector advances increased to Rs.22008 cr, up by 14%

o   MSME portfolio increased to Rs.12953 cr on December 31, 2013 registering a growth of 26%.

o   Retail advances increased to Rs.15090 cr as of 31.12.2013, up by 20%.

o   Advances to Weaker Section increased by 22% and Advances to Women beneficiaries increased by 11%.


Highlights of performance for Quarter ended December 31, 2013


*  Interest income on advances for 3 months period ended December 31, 2013 increased to Rs.1943 cr against Rs.1687 cr for 3 months period ended December 31,2012, up by 15%

*  Income on Investments increased to Rs.662 cr against Rs.538 cr registering a growth of 23%

*  Net Profit for the Quarter ended Dec’13 is Rs11.39 cr.


Highlights of performance  for Nine months ended December 31,2013


*  Total interest income for 9 months period ended December 31, 2013  increased to Rs.5711 cr against Rs.5025 cr for 9 months period ended December 31,2012, up by 14 %

*  Investment income increased to Rs.1894 cr against Rs.1591 cr as on December 31,2012, up by 19 %

*  Total Net Profit for 9 months period ended Dec’13 is Rs.280.07 cr


Asset Quality


*  Bank’s Gross NPA ratio improved to 2.67% on December 31, 2013 as compared to 2.91% as on December 31, 2012.

*  Net NPA ratio of the Bank improved to 1.57% as on December 31, 2013 from 1.71% as on December31, 2012.

*  Provision coverage ratio improved to 66.08%.


Capital Adequacy


*  The Bank has received additional capital aggregating to Rs.250 cr from Govt of India in December, 2013.  The Bank has also raised Tier II bonds of Rs.250.00 cr in December, 2013.

*  The Bank is in the process of converting the Perpetual Non-Cumulative Shares aggregating to Rs.1200 cr held by Govt of India into equity capital to improve the Common Equity Tier I capital.

*  Capital to risk weighted assets ratio is at 10.78 %( Basel III) with Tier I ratio at 8.11% and Tier II ratio at 2.67%.

*  CRAR of the bank is  above the minimum stipulated level of 9%.


Branch Expansion


*  Total number of branches increased to 1500 as on 31.12.2013. 

*  Total number of ATMs also reached 1500 taking Branch / ATM ratio to 1:1


Financial Inclusion


#  Under Financial Inclusion, the Bank covered all the allotted 378 villages with above 2000 population by March 2012. 

#  Out of allotted 2278 villages below 2000 population planned for coverage by March 2014, the Bank has already covered 2124 villages. Remaining 146 villages are being covered with 86 BCAs by March 2014.  The Bank is presently having 715 BCAs.


  Guidance March 2014

*  Bank aims to reach a business level of Rs.2,00,000 crore with a deposit target of Rs. 1,20,000 crore and advance target of      Rs. 80,000 crore.

*  To concentrate on Retail Credit, MSME, Priority Sector and CASA for improving the bottom line and core earnings.

*  Increased focus on fee based income by increasing the non-fund based business.

*  Continue to monitor the advance portfolio of the Bank closely for arresting fresh delinquencies and also to improve the gross and net NPA ratios further.

*  Target more recoveries in NPA /written off accounts.